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Episode 13 felt like a bit of a downer because not much happened.  Things picked up more in episode 14, with Chu Man’s career plunging even MORE, and with Justin’s feelings beginning to waver.  Chu Man continues to be extremely resilient and determined.  What’s striking is how humble she is, as she tries so hard to regain Jia Hao’s trust.  But, her strength begins to dwindle as she realizes that her career has come to an all time low, and that no one will ever view her without judging her as a gold digger.

Episode 13 [Major scenes]

Chu Man works hard to get some time alone with Jia Hao.  She gets kicked out of the MV shoot, but then gets to come back by volunteering to be Sasha’s substitute stuntwoman.  This can not go well.  She has to jump off a one story staircase.  In heels.  In an expensive outfit.  How?!?!? 

Chu Man is scared out of her wits, but she bravely jumps off the staircase.  But she lands bad, thus breaking her wrist.  It’s obvious she got hurt, but she insists on trying again, and begs for another chance. 

*Note: Sasha seems to have a little more insight into Chu Man now!  I really want them to become friends!!!

Justin gives Chu Man 5 minutes to say whatever she wants.  She apologizes for all that she’s done to him, but Justin looks unmoved.  He basically, goes, “So what?” 

[new scene]  Justin sees that Chu Man woke up.  She talks to herself, saying that Jia Hao is still mad at her, but he still cares for her.  When she hears Justin, she pretends to be asleep.  Justin goes along with her act and pretends to care for her, but then begins to force himself on her.  He accuses her of lying the whole time.  He even grabs her injured arm and says that maybe she faked her injury as well.  Chu Man looks shocked, and she’s obviously in pain as he holds her arm.  I really wanted her to slap him right then and there. 

“Don’t manipulate my feelings for you.  Right, I lied to you.  But that’s because I cared too much about you.  That day when I bumped into you at the park, I was only trying to be strong.  Frankly, I haven’t been doing too well these years.  Eugene’s event made my image fall to the bottom of the hill.  I didn’t want you to see the state I’m in now.  But today, I came to look to you because I really wanted to apologize to you.  That’s right, my motive wasn’t that innocent.  You can blame me for pretending to pass out to deceive you.  You can also blame me for having you locked up in there.  But what I did and said today were all sincere.”

Justin continues being a jerk,

“I almost forgot that Lin Chu Man is not a human…One who never had a sincere heart…Get close then.  You can resort to any tactics.  But let me warn you.  *cue sad piano song* Every time you get close to me, I’ll use all the pain you gave me and return it to you.”

And Chu Man has the saddest look on her face, but somehow looks extremely brave at the same time:

“If it can get you back, I’m not afraid.”

Episode 14

^love the lighting here

The scandal with Chu Man & Justin is blown out of proportion.  Suddenly Justin’s reputation goes down the hole, and his endorsements, sponsors, and concert are cancelled. 

Chu Man blames herself for the blows to Jia Hao’s career. 

But I’ve never thought that everyone would hate me.  No one wants to be with me.  It’s all my fault.  If it weren’t so, Jia Hao wouldn’t be so bad.”

Yi Xian tells Jia Hao that in order to revive his career, he should release a statement saying that Chu Man was using her schemes to try and get near him.  Basically, it’s making Chu Man take the fall for Justin.  Yi Xian meets Chu Man at a Japanese restaurant to tell her the news.  Here’s where I really don’t like Yi Xian that much, but I do feel kinda sorry for her because Justin is sorta using her just to get Chu Man jealous. 

Chu Man doesn’t believe that Jia Hao would falsely accuse her of such a thing.  And..then the Japanese sliding doors are used for the dramatic effect, as Jia Hao enters the room, and asks why she would think that. 

“In your heart, am I really that cheap?…Is it if I’m still living as Lin Chu Man that you’ll never forgive me?  Even if I used up all my energy to repent, to compensate, even if all my actions are real, and my injury is real, I can’t turn back time.  I can’t even get one chance for you to trust my explanation?”

Chu Man’s expression during her little speech was so heartbreaking, omg!

“There’s something you said that’s right.  As long as you’re Lin Chu Man, I’ll never believe you.”

So, Chu Man holds a press conference of her own, before Jia Hao holds his.  At first she puts on the act, pretending that some kind of conflict happened between her & Justin. (implying that that’s how she got injured)  But then the reporters point out obvious holes in her story, thus making them question her true motives.  Peter, who’s watching the TV broadcast, wonders to himself that perhaps Chu Man is doing this on purpose to create a different scandal out of Justin’s scandal. 

Chu Man is so smart, I never even saw this coming.  She says that this isn’t the real issue here–she says that her boss spoke so bad about her to the press because he couldn’t get her to sleep with him.  So, this basically covers Justin’s reputation.  But, Chu Man knows that her career is over now.  This is self-destruction for the sake of her loved one.  :'(

Peter is frustrated with Chu Man because now all her hard work is for nothing.  He points out that Jia Hao didn’t care or even call her.  Both of them shed tears in this emotional, wonderful MOMENT OF FRIENDSHIP.  Chu Man says that it’s fine, because this compares to the pain she gave Jia Hao in the past. 

“But it’s enough having you by my side.”

Chu Man takes care of the beach where Jia Hao took her diving.  She witnesses some coral poachers, and tries to get some evidence against them.  But…..she ends up getting tied to a post out in the ocean. (during low tide)

For the first time in the past few episodes, Justin does something…applaudable.  Justin goes to look for Chu Man, and overhears her boss badmouthing her to the reporters.  Justin is infuriated, punches her boss and reminds him that she’s a hard worker.  Well finally he stands up for Chu Man!  HE CARES FOR HER, we all know it!

And…for the beach scene…Justin goes to save Chu Man.  He asks her why she said all those things to the reporters.  She fires back the same questions, asking him why he’s here if he doesn’t care about her.  She tells him that after the poachers knew who she was, they left her there to die to atone for her wrongdoings. 

Chu Man plays the role of the bad person, telling him to stay away from her if he doesn’t want to get hurt anymore.  Justin suddenly pulls her in for a kiss, cutting off her words “Lin Chu Man is a person who uses people”.  Chu Man pushes him away, and asks what the kiss means.  Justin shouts back that he doesn’t know.  And then he runs away.  Uh…….

I think the running away part kinda ruined this moment.  But oh well.

Jia Hao goes back to the hotel and apologizes to Yi Xian for hitting Chu Man’s boss.  And he spills the beans about his kiss with Chu Man.  Well, at least he got it out in the open.  I do feel bad for Yi Xian, but I think she should’ve seen it coming a while back.  What’s sad is how much she’s given up just to be with Jia Hao, only to end up losing to Chu Man once again.  I do think Justin should’ve thought of a better way to explain…not just “and somehow..I ended up kissing her”.  (His unending LOVE for Chu Man is the cause!)

I think the beach scene was a pivotal one mainly because I think this is the point of despair for Chu Man.  It’s just about the point where she gives up and resigns herself to being the “Lin Chu Man that uses people”.  She’s been hurt badly before, but for STRANGERS to go, “Oh, there’s that gold digger, let’s leave her here in the ocean,” that’s really gotta hurt.  Obviously this beach scene is paralleled with the previous beach scene–Chu Man pushes Jia Hao away both times! 

Somehow, this confrontation is different from all their other ones, probably because for once, Jia Hao isn’t attempting to get back at Chu Man.  He let go of his “I’m-Justin-not-Jia-Hao” thing and talked to her honestly for the first time.  Justin/Chu Man are finally lashing out at each other, which I think is what they need.  

For the Yi Xian/Jia Hao issue, I would’ve enjoyed the love triangle a bit better if Jia Hao had truly fallen in love with Yi Xian.  I mean, WE KNOW he’s gonna end up with Chu Man.  But we also know that he’s with Yi Xian out of guilt, not love.  So, the love triangle falls a bit flat. 

I’m really not sure what to expect from the next episode.  The preview shows Chu Man nails ANOTHER rich guy.  It’s actually the mysterious rich guy with that fancy walking stick.  (who financed Jia Hao’s education)  I’m thinking it might be her dad?  Or mysterious grandfather?  Or someone from the orphanage?  NO CLUE, actually.  But I don’t want the whole cycle of rich guy–>riches–>dumped–>poor again.  I’d rather see Chu Man’s career revived again!!!

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      • I couldn’t agree more. I really enjoy some Chu Man’s scenes, but the screenwriters could’ve done so much more to a strong character such as Chu Man… =[

        • Yes Chu Man was such a wonderful complex character but the script/plot really did not do her justice. When I think of what Material Queen COULD’VE been…*shakes head* :'(

          • Someday there’ll be a drama in which women who like money and have slept with more than one guy will not be humiliated and punished like Chu Man had been. I’m here still waiting for the not-so-jerk guys to come!

            • YEAH Chu Man had her dignity & pride TRAMPLED ON way too many times. I like that she was characterized as more than just a materialistic gold digger but it’s not like any of the guys around her recognized that.

              What I REALLY wanted was for her to have an epic comeback and become the top model again just to prove all the naysayers wrong.

            • And also to prove that she doesn’t need protection, she just needs some love and (why not?) a comfortable life! The men around her confused this “protection” for control, as if she were a product that should prove its quality and lack of use. But it shouldn’t be so simple, she was not a flat character, I was in love with her twists, and all sectors of life that were important to her. It was very unfair to put aside her career, it was one of the most important things for her at the beginning of the drama, and she built it herself! I was expecting to see her as a great model and Jia Hao as a recognized violinist, both famous and enjoying a rich life! LOL

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