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BBJX is still delivering the same high quality as the first episode.  It has a lighter tone due to all the funny scenes with 10th bro. Still watching in HD, although it takes about twice as long to watch due to slow buffering.  IT IS WORTH IT!

Not a full recap, just my favorite scenes:

^top left pic-10th bro’s expression is HILARIOUS.  Ruo Xi is bored out of her mind, and starts talking to ants.  Suddenly 10th pops up out of no where, and sits there next to her with the FUNNIEST SMILE EVER.

^love the bottom right angle through the embroidery holder

8th bro and 10th bro invite Ruo Xi to go riding with them.  The whole way, 10th bro and Ruo Xi bicker.  And…8th bro just sits there with his eyes closed.  The entire time.  ROFL, this made me crack up so much even though I’m not sure it’s intentional humor.

Ruo Xi is eager to ride the horse…but she doesn’t know how to horseback ride.  10th teases her for not knowing how to even after she acted like a know-it-all.  She makes him hold the reins and lead the horse.  LOL these two are so adorable together.

Ruo Xi tries to hint to Jie Jie that she ought to go out with 8th bro more often.  (note that 8th bro is Jie Jie’s husband)  Jie Jie keeps quiet, but accidentally pricks her finger.  There’s definitely more to her marriage angst than meets the eye.  Qiao Hui (Ruo Xi’s maid) ambiguously says that sometimes in a marriage, the two people are certainly fated to be together, but that doesn’t mean they’re happy together.  *hint hint unhappy arranged marriage*

^Can the cinematography get any better?  LOVE LOVE LOVE the angle showing the tree, and the bottom two pics where the tree is blurred, and Ruo Xi ponders 4th’s words.

Um.  I really love 4th bro.  Ruo Xi sees him, and just about dies inside as she tries to pretend she didn’t see him and walk away.  Buuuut he calls her out on it, observing that she doesn’t seem to want to see him.  She lies that that’s not true.  He promptly says that he thinks she doesn’t want him to talk about why she wanted to seek death.

4th bro: “Seeking for death, but looking for life.  Since you don’t want to say it, then fine.”

Ruo Xi: “…you’re walking around in a dream, once you’re in a dream, you want to wake up, but you can’t.  What would you do?”

4th bro: “6 words.  Make the best you can out of it.  Understand?  Strong wood breaks easily.”

Me: *gawks, in awe of 4th bro*

As Ruo Xi ponders his words, I ponder his words also.  Make the best you can out of it.  Ruo Xi takes his words to heart and decides to cheer herself up.

^top right pic: Gotta have the bromance.

Everyone is preparing for 10th’s bday celebration.  He asks casually if Jie Jie is going to organize his celebration.  The other brothers ask if he wants Ruo Xi to plan his bday party.  10th attempts to deny it, BUT YOU KNOW IT’S TRUE.  HE IS SO ADORABLE THAT WAY.

Ruo Xi finds out that Jie Jie isn’t highly esteemed by the servants because 8th bro doesn’t visit her often.  So they think she’s not favored by him.  *recalls all the drama in JPLH where the different wives battled over the emperor’s affections*

Unfortunately, we cannot escape from all the wifey-drama in JPLH.  8th bro’s other wife is in competition with Jie Jie.  Her bratty sister, Ming Yu, ATTEMPTS to bully Ruo Xi, but epically fails because Ruo Xi doesn’t know who she is, and frankly doesn’t care who she is.  Ruo Xi has a faint memory of her pushing  her down the stairs.  OHOHO, so that’s why she fell!!!

Ruo Xi makes 10th spit out everything he knows about the wife that bullies Jie Jie.  He admits that she and her daughter are quite the scheming pair.  They even dare to insult him!  Ruo Xi just goes, oh.  10th: HEY!  To get even with the brat, Ruo Xi sets a huge dog loose, right near Ming Yu.  I LOVE HER GUTS.  Poor 10th bro just gets caught up in the middle of it all.  Ruo Xi sarcastically says “Little animal, no humanity.  Don’t blame 10th prince!”  and bursts out laughing. 

^The end result of Ming Yu & Ruo Xi’s fight.  I feel so bad for 10th bro.

I loved this episode, mainly because of 10th bro.  He’s just too hilarious.  I also like Ruo Xi’s guts and determination.  There is also more insight into Jie Jie & 8th bro’s relationship.  I hope that 10th bro’s bday party will be a hit so that Jie Jie will be more esteemed in 8th bro’s household.  I definitely DO NOT want the other wifey to get all the credit with her schemes. 


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