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I wasn’t really expecting much from Bu Bu Jing Xin, thinking it’d be just another Jade Palace Lock Heart.  BUT IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL.  I’m going to mention a lot of differences between JPLH and BBJX, not to be hating on JPLH (because I DID get quite addicted to that too), but to point out how amazing and compelling BBJX is.  Not to say that you shouldn’t try JPLH, as it simply depends on what you enjoy in a drama. 

In Jade Palace Lock Heart, I got addicted for the first 30 or so episodes, until Qing Chuan annoyed me so much that I had to quit.  But in Bu Bu Jing Xin, not only do I love Liu Shi Shi, but I also like her more pragmatic sensibility.  Bu Bu Jing Xin is less whimsical and…actually a bit more practical.  In JPLH, Qing Chuan falls through a hole in the woods and ends up time-travelling.  In BBJX, Ruo Xi (played by LSS) is hit by a car and gets shocked by high voltage wires. When she wakes up, she’s in the body of a princess in the Qing Dynasty.  She concludes that perhaps the electric shock somehow made her brainwaves (I interpret it more to be, her soul got switched into a different body) travel through time and end up in a different body.  OMG, IT ACTUALLY KINDA MAKES SENSE. 

And so, the body-switching/inhabiting makes this all make more sense:  Ruo Xi doesn’t have to go from a lowly servant to a desirable maiden.  She doesn’t suddenly appear and  entice all the princes like Qing Chuan did.  She’s ALREADY a princess with status.  So, no more ridiculous job-changes like in JPLH.  I am seriously convinced that they made her switch servant jobs just to give her a costume change. 

Aside from those differences, BBJX is also stunningly filmed.  Every single shot is SO FLAWLESS, and no matter how many times they show Liu Shi Shi, they always have interesting angles that really compliment her face structure.  Also, the high collars suit her quite well.  Moreover, I’m watching in HD, and the colors/detail are SO VIVID.  It seriously looks real, not just like a fairy tale where you know for sure it’s fake.  Watching BBJX, I was like, PLEASE, BEAM ME THERE!  The camera angles also nicely compliment the beautiful architecture, scenery, and plants.  Really, all the elements compliment each other so well. 


So, Ruo Xi is at the palace of 8th bro.  At first she doesn’t believe she’s in the past, but she quickly realizes that this is reality.  She finds out that she (or, the real princess) fell down the stairs and got a head injury.  OOOO, it makes more sense now!  So, even though she’s disoriented, has a different personality, questions everything, the maid thinks she’s simply lost her memory.  VERY VERY CONVENIENT. 

No more searching for a mysterious TREE like in JPLH.  Ruo Xi puts two and two together, and concludes that to get back to the present, she must fall down from the stairs again.  But she decides not to when her maid begs her not to.

My theory about this time-travelling is that right at the same moment, the princess falling down the stairs, and Ruo Xi’s accident somehow coincided, (although that doesn’t exactly make sense since…it’s the past and the present…BUT if time were fluid, this could be possible) the electric shock made Ruo Xi’s soul travel and inhabited the princess’s body.  Possibly, if this hadn’t happened, the princess would be dead.  And, quite possibly, Ruo Xi’s real body in the present is in a coma or in critical condition or something.  Very interesting.  Whereas I didn’t even attempt to explain the tree thing in JPLH. 


Ruo Xi’s other genius plan?  Get run over by a horse.  That’ll get you back to the present.  I admire her guts, but she made the wrong decision to stand in front of 4th bro and 13th bro’s horses.  Because they are gentlemanly, chivalrous PRINCES who are able to stop their horses from trampling over her.  13th bro immediately gets off his horse to help Ruo Xi…


4th bro has this strong, composed air about him.  He may not seem as openly concerned as 13th bro, but he is quite observant and wise.  He knows that Ruo Xi purposely tried to get run over, and he warns her not to try it again.  D’AWW.

….And then there’s 10th bro.  I think this picture pretty much sums it up.  He is hilarious.  He stares at Ruo Xi while he’s eating.  She smirks at him, and surprises him completely.  But then she downs a lot of rice..and starts choking on her food, and he smirks AT HER.  I rather love these two.

So far we don’t know much about the princes, but there are such subtle hints about each one even in the first episode.  8th bro longing after Ruo Xi’s sister.  4th bro being the wise, firm prince.  13th being chivalrous and rather good-natured.  1oth bro just being adorably funny and interested in becoming friends with Ruo Xi.  I love them all already.  However, I believe there’s angst ahead.

BBJX is worth watching for the beautiful cinematography, the different take on JPLH, and the wonderful actors.  I’m glad China came out with a solid drama worthy of praise. 


I'm heisui, an Asian drama blogger and the creator of My Drama Tea. I love stories and writing, so I watch dramas and blog. I especially have a penchant for Japanese and Chinese dramas, and those hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. Oh, and I'm Legend of Zhen Huan-obsessed!
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  • From what I heard, Palace is the rip off of the novel BBJX is adapted from. They rushed through production because they want to hit the market first. That’s probably where there are SO many flaws.

  • yes thats true Bu Bu Jing Xin is based on a novel back in 2005 and it took a long time for production! So i dislike those that are arrogant and ignorant and refuse to watch BBJX simply because they think its a copy of Jade Palace Lock Heart. I’ve seen both but love BBJX much more especialliy the romance between 4th Prince and Ruoxi.

  • one of the BEST C-Drama ever, and since i wacthing BBJX 1st bfore JPLH, then when i finished BBJX i just wacthed 10 minutes of JPLH before i told my selt its not worth wacthed and just throw the DVD on garbage bins.
    BBJX forever, I love Ruo Xi and 4th Prince

  • Is interesting!BBJX has restored my faith in chinese history dramma!
    4th prince n Ruoxi (dramma talk not much –good in their expression n body language ),well done

  • “I wasn’t really expecting much from Bu Bu Jing Xin, thinking it’d be just another Jade Palace Lock Heart. BUT IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL.”

    That first sentence pretty much precisely sums up my initial reluctance to begin Bu Bu Jing Xin! Gong was just so disappointing (and later, annoying). But I am glad I watched BBJX and I finished BBJX in 2.5 days!

    The first day, I actually started to watch it really late, so really, I finished it in TWO DAYS! OMGGG, CRAZY! The second day I watched it, it was all the happy and sweet moments, and it actually made me smile from the inside OUT! So when the third day came around, I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop watching (like the previous days) so I made sure I ate before I began resuming BBJX and only got up to pee and drink water. My only regret is that I should have probably fed my dogs earlier so that I didn’t need to pause!!

    HOWEVER, the third day of watching it (started around episode 20+) was when everything started going south!!! OMGGG how many hours did I suffer through the misery! It was hell!! ANd to with THAT ending?! OMG I won’t comment on that since others reading this might not have seen it yet, but AHHHH!! I was so sad that I had to browse youtube for the bloopers and the making vids, in hopes thatseeing the actors as themselves would make me feel better. But afterwards, the sad storyline still stuck with me.

    Well, I’m watching it again with my mother now, and she also likes it, especially the scenery and locations!

  • I have been giving lots attention to the drama and related actor interviews so on, i must say regardless of its popularity, its not without flaws, some parts are really slow lots of talking and more talking and thats between 2ppl, the pace becomes a crawl its seems to be trying hard to milk viewers sadness. i am not saying some parts of drama are not sad but its seems ruoxi role where she seems to be over crying becomes too much. You need to watch the whole drama twice to find the flaws. Near the last 5/6 episodes, its just lots of ruoxi crying and then more crying, at a point one find it annoying and she starts to talk very slowly she becomes so helpless its hard to believe the same ruoxi was so independant in the first half of drama. Where is all her so called “i live life the way i want it” that she portrays so strongly in beginning.There are some major contradictions in the drama cos she knows the future but yet she unwittingly get punished again and again like other ordinary palace maids. Something i cant understand, then again its just fiction, logic is not compulsory.
    The pros of the drama is the music, the scenery, the props costumes and most importantly the gorgeous actors/actress. I believe a major reason for the success is their good looks.The selection of actors from Hongkong,Taiwan China is putting the best looks in each region together. Each actor already has a collection of fans now put all the actors fans together, that would create more attention.

    • I agree BBJX is not a perfect drama. There were some parts that could’ve been left out and it started to drag on towards the end. However I think the difference between Ruo Xi in her youth and Ruo Xi towards the end is purposely portrayed to show how draining living in the Forbidden City was for her.

    • I aree the drama is sometimes slow and there are flaws, but the example you gave weren’t very good in my opinion.
      Firstly you have to realise that Ruoxi/Zhangxiao IS from the future so there are many customs she’s not used to. And I’m pretty sure they made it clear that Ruoxi only knows the general outcome of the events(and some of the event recorded you cant even be sure that it is entirely true) but do not know the details or everything as exactly how it happened so it’s like knowing the end but not knowing what caused the ending or why it ended that way; which, in my opinion is even worse than not knowing what will happen. Also being from the future doesn’t equal having the ability to not get punished or to make mistakes. The level of tension in the palace is extremely high and as a modern girl I think she did reasonably well I mean, if I were put in her shoes(And I have studied quite a bit of history from that period as well as their mannerisms) I would probably be dead within a month – in the palace it isn’t entirely up to you wether you get punished or not it also depends on who your allies and enemies are. Ruoxi was punished in the drama mainly because she stood by her beliefs and went against what the emperor wanted for her or what the emperor had in mind.
      Secondly she became weaker later on due to years of living in fear in the palace which has worn her down both physically(mainly by trying to help 13th prince she knelt for so long and then purposely got really sick in order to avoid being married to 2nd prince) and emotionally. Her crying alot toward the end wasn’t because she was weak willed, she remained strong willed. Toward the end, she finally realised that she had been the cause of percisely what she had tried to prevent and that was the final straw. It was the guilt, anger dierected at herself and the sorrow for the ones she loved which she had unintentionally hurt that made her cry so much. Now add that to her already weaked body then ofcourse the vitality and perkiness( also the fact that after being through so much she has matured more) is gone.
      Thirdly I’d like to point out that I don’t believe bbjx’s popularity is due to the good looks of the actors because bbjx being originally a novel already had quite a major fanbase and the choice of actors actually was the original cause of disappointment(For me I was really disappointed with more than one cast choice for certain characters but in the end they grew on me -though 1 or 2 didn’t-) for many fans. I think it is popular (at least for me and the people I know) for its great storyline, beautiful way that it was filmed and produced as well as the amazing acting skills and effort that the crew put in.

  • I agree that there are pros and cons to this drama, but they were mostly pros and most of the cons could be explained so I didn’t bother with that as a reasonable con isn’t really a con. For example I agree that Ruo Xi’s sadness and crying towards the end have been a bit draggy, but life isn’t perfect and sometimes, even real-world people just experience a long period of sadness without much happiness. This is obvious in the the case of Ruo Xi especially regarding her position in the palace in relationship with the Emperor, for that period of the era.

    I hate slow-sad talk in movies, too, they really take their time! But her life progressed to such a point that her demeanour changed. She grew up from that fifteen year old cheery positive self in the beginning and was drenched with reality (yes, this includes the travelling through time aspect, I guess) and as the series progress, she knew that “I live the life the way I want” is merely a fantasy within the forbidden kingdom as she had been hit with multiple accounts of restrictions and consequences of disobedience. If she actually succeeded in following her ‘freedom to do as I please’ dream, THEN it would be very unrealistic…

    There are many stories and anecdotes of sufferers with tragic endings throughout the history of people bound by imperial rule, victories of freedom of lifestyles and choice of any kind are unheard of, though if you know any, I would be genuinely interested to know.

      • I had replied to the post in which you replied to wilson’s post but it seemed it doesnt show it that way… maybe I clicked something else by accident? Anyway, I forgot to add that I agree to your response to wilson’s response about “the difference between Ruo Xi in her youth and Ruo Xi towards the end is purposely portrayed to show how draining living in the Forbidden City was for her”

  • Firstly i like both nickywu + kevin, i’m like the long lost + forgotten nicky fan, i like him in young policeman in love + butterfly lovers, but at the same time takeishi had overshadowed him plus he always in wuxia film so i’ve forgotten about him till BBJX. Honestly, i dont know about this drama, i was bored 1 day just scanning all the channel when i came across halfway through the 1 ep, scene where 8 meeting rouxi, i was like eew his eyes and smile was creepy, not gonna watch it, then i just cont scanned the other ch till i came back to same ch, the horse scene, i was like i knew this man, i used to love him, he must be the lead + the series looks promising, then started watching fr youtube + finished off the series within 3 d, yeah! I like kevin in ghetto justice or any tvb series, but every time he acts in any love scene, it just creepy, sorry kevin!

  • Hey Heisui!
    I really really wanna watch BBJX. Do you know where I can get a copy with nicely translated subs and everything. I would like to purchase this. I really really liked Zhen Huan for example which led to a ==> c-drama spiral. I can’t find eng subs everywhere and if it really is that beautiful I don’t mind forking money over to own the DVDs.

    • Hi, the only site that I know that sells Asian drama DVD sets is Yesasia. However, I haven’t used this site before so I can’t say whether its DVDs have good subtitles or not.

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