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I feel like it’s been a long time since I last posted.  Things have been getting busier, and I’m FALLING BEHIND ON MY DRAMAS.  Ahhh! Well, despite my limited time, I decided to watch the newest episode of Office Girls first.  Roy Qiu will win over any other drama. I was a bit disappointed by this episode because it’s not as comedic, and loses its former lighthearted tone.  Instead it headed for Xing Ren’s work angst. So, what was the saving grace of this episode?  ZI QI OF COURSE!  THE ENTIRE EPISODE, Zi Qi follows Xing Ren around, trying to find out what’s wrong with her. 

Not a recap, just caps/favorite moments:

Zi Qi tries to help out Kai Er, even though she’s in a different department.  But…he notices something is wrong with Xing Ren, and tries to find out what’s wrong.

Actually Xing Ren was entrusted with the responsibility to transport SUPER SUPER expensive wine to the mall.  But…a scooter rider bumped into her by accident, and she dropped all the wine.  Without insurance.  So…now she’s stuck with a huge debt on her hands.  She tries to cover it up, but now she’s in a fix because she has to return the wine to the original owner.

Yes, Zi Qi randomly pops up beside Xing Ren as she looks at her bank account balance.  She brushes him off, and he follows her around asking what’s wrong.  She starts to cry, and he points that out…but she stubbornly says nothing’s wrong, and walks away…thus leaving Zi Qi VERY confused.

Xing Ren is down in the dumps because she can’t buy her dream house if she’s in debt for the wine.  She falls down and scrapes her knee, but doesn’t bother cleaning it.  Zi Qi notices that and insists on cleaning her scrape himself.  D’AWWWWWWWW.  Xing Ren comments that she almost thought he’s a good person.  Him: “So do you like me?”  Xing Ren awkwardly says of course not…then there’s an awkward silence…….annnnnd his electricity goes out.  LOL. 

OK OK.  LOOK AT THE TOP RIGHT CAP.  HE JUST STANDS THERE, LOOKING AT XING REN.  So cute!!!  Most of my caps were of Zi Qi.  I love his expressions.

Overall, this episode was way outshined by the other episodes.  I actually hope the other guy comes back so we can get the romance part going.  I don’t want the drama to lose its fresh humor and quirky moments.  Yeah it did get pretty angsty, but Zi Qi was still adorably concerned about Xing Ren.  I think so far they’re pretty good friends, which is preferable to the “he/she-likes-the-person-right-off-the-bat”.   They probably wouldn’t want to admit it, but they are great friends and are there for each other.  I’m looking forward to the next episode…because in the preview…ZI QI CONFESSES.  YES!


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  • I agree with you that this episode just wasn’t up to par with the previous episodes. All the best moments were with Zi Qi. I did like Xing Ren’s phone call with her mother. That packed so much angst in there, but it was done so well I didn’t mind at all.

    • Yeah, I was a bit disappointed with this episode, but Zi Qi really made up for it. Yeah, Xing Ren’s earnest desire to provide for her mom was touching, but I wasn’t really moved by Alice Ke’s acting. I didn’t really think the wine/mooncake dilemmas were necessary for the plot, except to show why Xing Ren wants a house so much, and how much Zi Qi cares for her. Zi Qi for the win!

  • Alice suppose to be simple, straightforward person. Acting just right for her character otherwise Roy may not outshine. Roy is very helpful in all occassion, cute, childish, playful and mischievous. I like Roy in Office Girl compare to some other drama which I had have seen. Simple plot, not complicated, light and easy to digest.

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