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I love Office Girls.  The cinematography improved in this episode, and to me there weren’t any dull moments.  Except for the manager’s laughing.  I had one sliver of hope for the 2nd female lead, Kai Er, to actually be a good rival.  Initially I didn’t really see much chemistry between Cheng Feng & Xing Ren, but now I think they might be an interesting pair.  After all, Cheng Feng is basically Xing Ren’s long time crush/idol, right?

Cheng Feng visits the mall since he’s agreed to set up a booth there.  The manager sucks up to him, and the whole time, Cheng Feng is sneaking glances over at Xing Ren.  Then he says he wants to talk to her in private.  It’s so cute how Xing Ren goes “hey hey hey” at Zi Qi before she goes over to Cheng Feng. 

Cheng Feng gives her the original design of the dress she bought from him.  At first Xing Ren tries to return it, but Cheng Feng tells her that actually, she was his very first customer.  She gave him the courage to not give up on his passion, and this is how he’s been able to succeed–thanks to her.  OMG.  I KINDA LIKE THIS OTP NOW.

I actually feel so bad for Zheng Kai Er now.  Her superior scolds her for not landing Cheng Feng.  He says that she needs to do better so that their department won’t lose face.  And to top that off, he touches her shoulder and holds her hand.  AND SMELLS HER HAND.  Kai Er can only stay silent, promising to do her best. 

In the bathroom, she tries to wash her hand (that her superior held).   She looks into the mirror as she tears up, telling herself:

“Zheng Kai Er, you can do it.  I believe you can do it.”

THIS SCENE GOT ME!!!  I can sympathize with color-contact-girl now.  Feeling so down that you have to look at yourself in the mirror, and tell yourself everything’s fine, that’s something I can relate to.  Kai Er isn’t just a perfect model career woman–she also has the downside of her creepy superior.

Back in the office, Xing Ren is promised a promotion if she pulls this off.  The manager is completely sucking up to her now, calling her “Xing Ren Jie,” and urging her colleagues to follow her lead.

[side-rant]  Most mainland/Hong Kong/Taiwanese dramas have the usual comic relief of a character who acts way over the top, makes dumb jokes, etc.  Unfortunately Office Girls has just that—THE MANAGER. 

Zi Qi starts singing the song that he and Xing Ren sang in the shower.  She ATTEMPTS to threaten him..

Xing Ren:  “I warn you, if you dare to tell anyone about this…I will…I’ll…”

Zi Qi: “You’ll…you’ll…”

ROFL I love them.  Zi Qi tells Xing Ren that he’s already memorized all the booth locations.  She doesn’t believe him, so they makes a deal–if he recites all the booths, Xing Ren will do his laundry for a month.  Both of them fake laugh, and suddenly Zi Qi recites all the different brands.  ROFL.  This is where I crack up at the computer screen.  Xing Ren stands there flabbergasted, and Zi Qi smoothly slides away. 

Ok, my newly found sympathy for Kai Er has just been ruined–she spreads a rumor about Xing Ren via internet.  NO SYMPATHY FOR HER NOW. 

Xing Ren’s housemate asks her if she likes Zi Qi.

“His nature isn’t as annoying as his appearance is.  Perhaps it was the environment he grew up in that caused him to be like this now…No one is born annoying.  His usual uncaring and indifferent attitude might be to hide his frailness.”

At that moment, Zi Qi, whose stove won’t work for his instant ramen noodles, is listening in on the conversation.  He goes back to his apartment..and eats his ramen noodles raw. AHAHA. 

Back at work, Xing Ren discovers the internet rumor about her.  Her colleagues treat her harshly because of the rumor.  I mean, this is OFFICE GIRLS, you know.  Gotta have the office drama and cliques.  Zi Qi hilariously says to call the police to nab the culprit.  Xing Ren offers to host a BBQ for bonding, since the atmosphere is so tense. 

Xing Ren & Zi Qi go to the market to buy stuff for the BBQ.  Zi Qi wheedles Xing Ren into buying some more expensive meat.  He attempts to put even more meat into the shopping cart, complimenting her for each package.  ROFL. 

Kai Er invites Zi Qi to the movies.  Zi Qi adorably sets up a roof-top movie for them.  But he gets nervous when he finds out the other coworkers are going to ditch Xing Ren’s BBQ.  AWWW.  So he brings Kai Er over to Xing Ren’s. 


Zi Qi tries to cheer up Xing Ren, who’s disappointed that no one came to the BBQ.  She used up her month’s allowance for the BBQ.  He offers to get a good price for a house for her, since his friend is in the housing business.  He takes her to an expensive flat to show her around.  She happily looks around the place, while Zi Qi HAS THE CUTEST EXPRESSION watching her.  AHHH. (see bottom right pic)  I think that look seals the deal.  He’s falling for her.

Zi Qi’s friend catches on, and asks if he likes Xing Ren.  Zi Qi looks at him incredulously, asking if she looks like his type.  The friend: “No.  Then why?” *cue the background music*

“A silly fool like her, there aren’t many of them anymore.”

SO SWEET.   His friend pretends to go along with it, but you KNOW he thinks Zi Qi likes Xing Ren.  And I think so too.  Or at least, he will eventually. 


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