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OMG, Ouran keeps on getting better and better.  This is the let’s-visit-Haruhi’s-house episode.  I LOVE IT. 

Tamaki visits Nekozawa’s voodoo club to ask about his future.  He wants to know if his first meeting with Haruhi’s dad will go well or not.  One of the club members says she sees him with a crossdresser, and that this encounter is bad luck.  Tamaki runs away screaming “I BELIEVE IN SCIENCE!”

The entire host club visits Haruhi’s apartment..in a hummerzine.  Tamaki gets up on a stool and instructs the hosts to be on their best behavior so that Haruhi’s dad won’t kick them out.  Especially the twins.  They all salute Tamaki…and Haruhi pops up telling them to leave this instant. 

The hosts follow Haruhi to her apartment, and she refuses to let them in until Honey and Kyouya smartly whip out some expensive cake.  They know Haruhi is weak to the temptation of yummy food. 

[rant] So, this is the time for the hosts to display their fashion sense.  Kyouya is sporting a flowy sweater thing that I wish he hadn’t worn. T_T  Overall, I think they could’ve done a better job with the hosts’ wardrobe. 

The hosts enter the ‘commoner’ apartment like they’ve never seen one before.  They marvel at how small and cramped the apartment is. Kyouya instantly analyzes it…

“One room has been changed into a living room, kitchen, and study room.”

The twins curiously peer into a closet, thinking it’s another room.  Tamaki pounces on the kotatsu (if you’ve seen the anime, you know his dream in life is to have a kotatsu)

Kyouya and the twins are amazed that Haruhi resuses empty coffee bottles. 

“Commoners even store things like rubber.” -Kyouya’s words of wisdom

Honey is traumatized by a tiny bathroom, and runs to hug Mori.  OMG.  I LOVE HONEY AND MORI. 

Tamaki takes out the kotatsu, so Haruhi tells him not to since there’s not much space.  Tamaki gets this determined look on his face, and goes, OK!…WE HAVE TO BE AWARE OF OUR POSITIONS.  And he sits on the floor, holding his knees to his chest, and goes,

“THIS IS THE COMMONERS’ WAY.  They sit like this because there’s no space!”

He’s completely.  serious.  ROFL.  (top 2 pics)  The rest of the group applauds his ingenuity and does the same thing.  Of course, Kyouya doesn’t even bother.  LOL.

The twins & Tamaki swoon at the sight of Haruhi enjoying her cake.  (middle left picture) 

Tamaki instructs the group to make a good impression on Haruhi’s dad.  Honey hints that he wants Haruhi to cook for them.  So, it turns into another field trip–the hosts want to go to a commoner supermarket.  LOL. Haruhi is like the mom of all the hosts.

Everyone leaves the apartment, but Tamaki stays behind to pay his respects to Haruhi’s mom.  Haruhi tells him all about her mom, and Tamaki adorably stares at her.  He awkwardly tries to get up to leave, but ends up falling on top of Haruhi.  Which is when Haruhi’s dad, Ranka, enters the apartment.  LOL.    Ranka has no mercy on Tamaki.  The twins come back, and step on top of Tamaki to greet Ranka.  ROFL.  To rub it in even more, they hint that Tamaki plays around with a lot of other girls.  Ranka looks at him with an evil look, and Tamaki tries to protest. 

Tamaki: “I sincerely think of your daughter….”

The twins: “A CONFESSION??” (top left pic)


Everyone: “…”

Ranka identifies all of the hosts, because he knows all about the club from Kyouya. 

Ranka: “I hear stories about you…from my texting buddy, Kyouya!”

Tamaki: *hand on Kyouya’s shoulder* (middle left pic) I haven’t heard that.

Kyouya: “Of course I must keep in touch with him.  This should’ve been your job.”

Ranka: “What a useless club president.  Probably because he was too busy messing with girls.”

ROFL I love them.  Tamaki dramatically rushes out of the room and cries out on the street.  This is the part where I think the acting was way overdone.  Haruhi comes out and cheers him up by taking him to the supermarket. 

Ranka takes the rest of the hosts out…to follow Haruhi around the supermarket.  IN SECRET, of course.  Except tons of girls are taking pictures of them with their cellphones.  LOL. Honey: “I think we’re attracting a lot of attention..”  The twins jealously watch Haruhi hold Tamaki’s hand.  (She doesn’t want to lose him in the market, LOL) 

In the background, Mori pushes Honey around in a shopping cart.  The twins purposely bump into Haruhi & Tamaki to stop them from holding hands.  ROFL.  And Kyouya decides to stock up on commoners’ goods while he can.  I LOVE THEM. 

bottom right pic: OMG they look like a family. 

Ranka tells Tamaki about how Haruhi was independent even in her childhood.  Tamaki fondly says he wants to protect Haruhi just like Ranka does.  Suddenly Tamaki rushes to save Haruhi…from falling cans. LOL it’s supposed to be dramatic, but it’s not really. 

And so, Tamaki finally gets his hot pot meal while sitting at a kotatsu.  But Ranka will never accept him as Haruhi’s 2nd dad. 

Other thoughts
Unfortunately for me, Tamaki just isn’t stealing the spotlight.  The twins really stole the show in the last episode.  And Kyouya as well.  And even though Mori and Honey have played a minor role so far, I LOVE THEM.  I like it when the whole host club is together, exploring the wonders of the commoners’ world. 


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