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This is my favorite episode, besides episode 5.  I think this is definitely the funniest episode yet.  It’s all because of the twins.  I LOVE THE TWINS.

So, the twins used to cut themselves off from the rest of the world, mainly because no one could tell the difference between Hikaru & Kaoru.  Everyone treated them the same since they don’t know who’s who. 

Back in the present, the twins entertain their customers with the “Guess Who’s Who” game.  Which Haruhi promptly wins.  Even though no one else can differentiate between the two, Haruhi knows who’s who.  The twins want to go to Haruhi’s house for some fun, but she refuses.

Some students ask Haruhi how she knows who’s who. 

“Hikaru seems to be about 10% meaner in his actions and words.”

ROFL, OMG.  At that very moment, Kaoru snickers.  (top left pic)  Suddenly it escalates into a huge argument between the twins.  All the other hosts look shocked.  Mori has a “What the heck is happening?” look on his face. (bottom right pic)  AHAHA.  And of course, the twins’ expressions are hilarious.


“It looks like the trigger was your thoughtless comment.” -Kyouya

Omg I love Kyouya.  The twins go all out.  Hikaru dies his hair blonde so he can be different.  The twins go in an all out battle, with toy machine guns. 

The twins take their battle to the cafeteria, which looks more like a high class restaurant.  Please, let me go to Ouran.  For the food. 

They try to order their meals, but keep on ordering the same things at the same time.  So, they change their orders so they don’t have the same lunch as each other.  Hikaru trades his lunch for Haruhi’s bento box, which arouses the jealousy of Tamaki and Kaoru.  ROFL. 

Tamaki imagines Haruhi giving him a special bento box, calling him “honey”.  ROFL. 

The twins begin another battle, this time using plates as shields and forks as daggers.  And then…a fork flies across the room and lands in the principal’s bowl of soup.  SO THE SOUP SPLATTERS ALL OVER HIS FACE. 

AHAHAHA SO AWKWARD!!!  Even Kyouya awkwardly looks away.  (bottom two pics) And I must say, Mori & Honey’s shocked expressions are the best. 

Kyouya calculates the damage the club will have to take, since the twins’ popularity will drop.  He calculates it on an ABACUS.  LOL. 

“Oh, Haruhi, no need to feel responsible for this.  Even though, it’s all due to your inconsiderate comment.”  *evil aura surrounds Kyouya as he taps his abacus on his shoulder*

The hosts discuss the twins’ situation. 

“Maybe their fighting is a good thing for them…that means their world is widening.”

The hosts find a battle challenge note, so they rush to stop the twins from fighting. 

Hikaru and Kaoru dramatically duke it out, with toy machine guns, and then with their fists.  Tamaki walks straight into their traps, as Hikaru and Kaoru have a heated argument.  [On a side note, I don’t think it was necessary for Tamaki to get caught in their traps, because it was obviously Tamaki twirling around like a ballerina, and doing the splits in the air while screaming…and computer effects.]  Kaoru whips out a voodoo doll and threatens to stab it with a FORK. 

Haruhi intervenes and knocks them on the head, and says they won’t get to visit her house if they don’t reconcile.

“…the other person is the only brother that you have in this world, right?”

“So if we make up with each other, will we get to go to your house?”


It turns out the twins had an entire script, and were acting the entire time.  All for going to Haruhi’s house.  ROFL. 

“We can’t let the twins have too much time on their hands.”

And Kyouya knew the entire time.  Of course.

The episode ends with the twins doing their “Guess Who’s Who” game again.  But this time Kaoru has the blond hair, and Hikaru has brown hair.  Haruhi recognizes them correctly. 

“We’ve always liked the same thing right?…We’ll share Haruhi…let’s adopt Haruhi!”

The twins both look back at Haruhi, LOVINGLY.   HEHEHE.  *foreshadows future events*

And Tamaki in the background goes, “My child is amazing.”  ROFL.  I love how Tamaki is still calling Kyouya “mom”. 

Other thoughts
As I said before, this was a solid episode with a lot of funny moments.  The twins really carried the episode well with their crazy antics.  Tamaki & the twins are probably on the same level of whimsical-ness.  I REALLY NEED A MORI EPISODE NOW.  PLEASE LET THERE BE A MORI EPISODE.  I mean, who else is left for the character-centered episodes?  HONEY AND MORI. 

And another thing……I just found out the actor’s real ages………..HOW DO THESE ACTORS IN THEIR 20’S STILL LOOK LIKE HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS?!?!?  So, don’t look up their ages, because I will never be able to look at the drama the same way again. 


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