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Chu Man is descending into despair, and she’s breaking my heart.  I have to say she’s stealing the show, whereas Jia Hao is becoming a jerk. 

We start where we left off in Episode 10.  I think this is the most moving and important scene of the episode.  Chu Man begs Jia Hao to listen to her explanation.

“I don’t know if anything I say now sounds like I’m quibbling.  But I came here today just to let you know, sorry.  I used the fact that you liked me, and did a lot of things that hurt you…”

Chu Man takes out her special bracelet, asking why he didn’t sell it if he doesn’t like her…

“You care about me, right?”

“I look at this to remind myself not to make the same mistake again.  I didn’t pawn this because I feel the things you have worn are filthy.”

And Jia Hao throws the bracelet on the ground and tells her she needs it more than he does now.  Ugh.  Chu Man continues to sacrifice her pride, and runs after him…

CM: “Please, don’t be like this.  Stay, don’t leave, okay?”
JH: “…I’m nobody to you.  But why are you begging me?”
CM: “Because..I’ve fallen in love with you…I love you.”

And…….Jia Hao cruelly, harshly, stupidly rejects her.  To break your heart even more, Chu Man runs after the taxi, calling his name.  She falls on the ground and just sits there, crying,

“Don’t go.  I love you.”

This is even sadder because the very first time Chu Man utters “I love you,” she gets her heart broken.  :'(

2 years later

Chu Man is now a window shopper.  She lives in a normal apartment, and works as a model for TV advertisement programs.  The entire TV crew gossips about her behind her back, saying that she’s a promiscuous gold digger.  Chu Man overhears the slanderous gossip, and promptly slaps the producer.  (who was being the most hurtful)  Peter, bless his heart, is still loyal to Chu Man, and begs the producer to forgive them. 

Everyone knows about Chu Man’s gold digger past.  When strangers see her, they recognize her as ‘the gold digger.’  Peter cheers her up, and promises to try and smuggle her into a high class party.  We find out that Peter is helping Chu Man as her agent without accepting any pay. 

Chu Man goes to a matchmaking meeting.  She realizes that the other guy is Jiang Bao, (one of the guys from the market) who is now a rich guy.  Jiang Bao is completely full of it, and blames Chu Man for Jia Hao’s demise.  He pretends not to know her, and ridicules her for trying to pass as a 25 year old. 

Chu Man gets ridiculed at work again, and all she can do is silently seethe.  I really want the old Chu Man back.  She goes to a park to drink and cool her head.  Then she hears a violin playing…and it’s JIA HAO.  OMG.  I love the way they filmed this scene. 😀  Chu Man pretends that everything is fine with her life, and that she’s still the old Lin Chu Man.  Jia Hao quickly leaves.  

Back at home, Chu Man happily tries on her treasured bracelet.  She hasn’t given up hope on Jia Hao, and is sure he’ll forgive her if she just explains everything to him.  She doesn’t realize that he’s not the old Jia Hao anymore.  In her eyes, Jia Hao is still a super kind, poor guy. 

Other thoughts
The preview shows that Jia Hao is now a famous, rich musician.  He’s going out with Yi Xian.  And he purposely humiliates Chu Man. 

I’m not excited for Jia Hao becoming a full fledged jerk.  I don’t know how they’re gonna make Jia Hao re-fall in love with Chu Man.  I hope that the people at the market will still accept Chu Man for who she is. 

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