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The 2nd episode of Office Girls has successfully obsessed me even more. I love Roy Qiu Zi Qi and Xing Ren.  They’re so cute together!!!

Caps/favorite moments:


Despite Xing Ren’s sincere efforts, Yu Cheng rejects her offer to set up a booth in their mall.  Zi Qi bluntly spills the beans to the manager that they failed.  Xing Ren is harshly criticized by her manager, and she starts to cry silently.  Zi Qi does a double take when he realizes she’s crying. (bottom right)

Zi Qi purposely plays around with a toy in front of Xing Ren, since things get awkward.  Xing Ren throws something, aiming at his head, but he dodges.  He coyly says that she missed…and then she threateningly holds up a CACTUS PLANT.  ROFL, I LOVE HER!  Zi Qi takes that opportunity to apologize.  Haha, he gets on her nerves on purpose just so he can apologize indirectly for getting her in trouble with the manager.

Top left pic: ROFL Zi Qi’s expression

Xing Ren & her friend visit Yu Cheng’s studio to try and give him their business plan.  Xing Ren GIVES ZI QI A LOLLIPOP, telling him to stay quiet and let them do the talking.  ROFL.  He grudgingly accepts the lollipop.  They totally did this for fan service.

Xing Ren sees that Zi Qi is low on cash.  He can hardly buy anything at the market, and he talks to a puppy about his money troubles.  lol.  Xing Ren tells Zi Qi he can eat at her place…as long as he pays her back when he gets his paycheck.  Xing Ren’s frugal ways clash with Zi Qi’s rich tastes.  He refuses to eat his broccoli, and tries to give all his broccoli to Xing Ren, thus ensuing in a broccoli-passing-battle.  AHAHA.

Oh, and for the shower scene.  Zi Qi comes home drunk, and decides to go up to Xing Ren’s apartment.  Then he decides to go take a shower!  Except..Xing Ren is taking a shower.  In his drunken state, he gets ready for his shower even though someone is obviously in the shower.  Xing Ren starts singing a song, and Zi Qi chimes in as well.  At first they don’t even notice, but then they realize…wait……SOMEONE ELSE IS SINGING TOO!  Xing Ren sees Zi Qi, and they start fighting over the shower curtain.  ROFL. 

Zi Qi: “Why are you here?”
Xing Ren: “That’s my question, THIS IS MY HOUSE!”

Other thoughts
Xing Ren’s future love rival isn’t really compelling to me at all.  The main reason is that whenever I see her, all I can think is, “SHE’S WEARING CIRCLE LENSES/COLOR CONTACTS.  WHY?”  I seriously think she’s wearing hazel color contacts so her eyes will match with her hair.  Her color contacts are so glaringly obvious that I cannot get over them.  And, now she knows Zi Qi’s true identity, so if she goes after him, she might have an ulterior motive. 

Overall, Office Girls is a light watch.  What I like is that Zi Qi isn’t some famous hot shot, so it’s not the whole whimsical star-falls-in-love-with-poor-girl scenario.  Through Xing Ren, Zi Qi sees that sometimes effort does pay off in the end.


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