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I wasn’t expecting much from the new tw-drama, Office Girls.  Personally, I think they could’ve come up with a much better name.  I don’t know the literal translation of the Taiwanese title, but it’s probably better than the English title.  (Just like Who’s the One/My Perfect Man, the English titles are usually different..)

I was pleasantly surprised by this drama.  I expected the usual cheesy humor that seems to be a tw-drama trademark.  Surprisingly enough, so far they’ve stayed away from that.  Also, I didn’t have to skip any of the scenes in this episode.  So, hopefully Office Girls continues to stay strong!

Office Girls seems like it’d be your conventional drama–arrogant rich guy meets hard working, down-to-earth girl, and they fall in love.  Instead, Office Girls is refreshing because it takes these clichés and actually makes them interesting, with a few twists.  I’m completely obsessed after only one episode.  Hopefully Office Girls will stay strong all the way through.

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Shen Xing Ren (Alice Ke)
She’s an ordinary office worker.  She says it herself–she has an ordinary appearance, ordinary style, ordinary education, ordinary intelligence.  She’s just ordinary.  But she says she doesn’t care.  Shen Xing Ren is very frugal, pragmatic, and down-to-earth.  She may seem like the typical ‘good girl’ female lead, but somehow she seems different.  Compared to some other tw-drama heroines, she’s not super innocent and kindhearted (Yong Yong in Sunny Happiness), she’s not a ‘country girl’ (Fu An in Easy Fortune Happy Life), she’s not a super career woman (er forgot the drama name, but I know there’s one..).  Xing Ren is convincingly average, and to me, she seems easier to relate to.  So, this drama doesn’t feel like a fairy tale.  Xing Ren isn’t your rags-to-riches heroine.

^ Can I give you any better reason to watch this drama?

Qin Zi Qi (ROY QIU!!!!!!!!!!!)
He seems like your typical rich guy.  He extravagantly spends his dad’s money, wears brand-name clothes, and tries to impress the ladies.  Yes, he’s lazy and thinks he’s above ‘ordinary people’.  But Zi Qi is also different–he’s not mean and arrogant like Blue’s character in Easy Fortune Happy Life.  Despite being a slacker, Zi Qi has a vision for his dad’s mall, and aspires to take over his dad’s position someday.

I give him points for having an MBA…oh wait, he finished it in 5 years, when he was supposed to take only 2 years.  (his dad angrily points this out, lol)  So, Zi Qi’s dad is fed up with him, and decides to teach him a lesson–Zi Qi has to live one year on his own, without Dad’s money, and he has to start working in Dad’s mall.  HAHA I love it.  Ji Heon’s dad (Protect the Boss) needs to learn from Zi Qi’s dad.  Dad is awesome already.  And Dad sends an old VAN to pick up Zi Qi from the airport, not a limo.  HAHA.

Zi Qi is kicked out of his house, his credit cards are cancelled, and he’s given a job in Shen Xing Ren’s department. And he’s not allowed to reveal his identity to anyone.

The first meeting between Xing Ren and Zi Qi is actually…when Xing Ren is wearing a dinosaur suit.  LOL.  Zi Qi tries to pick up a girl by writing his phone number on one of Xing Ren’s balloons.  He tells Xing Ren to go give the balloon to the girl.  She refuses, telling him to go pick up the girl himself.  HAHA.  Then when Zi Qi goes to his new department, he sees Xing Ren, and TWITCHES as they have a stare off.  HAHAHAHA.

^You gotta love the smile.

I’m not quite impressed by the lighting in the drama.  It looks way too washed out.  Moving on, I rather like this pair.  They’re unwillingly together, but Xing Ren feels a sense of responsibility for Zi Qi since she’s been given the task of looking over him.  Zi Qi grudgingly uses his brain to help her out sometimes.  And not only that–now they’re NEIGHBORS.  Omg, I love it.

If all else fails, this drama’s saving grace will be Roy Qiu.  I cannot get enough of ROY QIU.  I cannot get over his role in Easy Fortune Happy Life as Han Dong Jie.  So it’s awesome seeing him as the leading man in a drama for once!!!!!


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