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Material Queen gets so much better in episode 10. I think they outdid the last couple episodes BY FAR, even though episodes 8/9 were great.  This is the one episode where I didn’t skip anything.

The rundown on Jia Hao & Yi Xian:  Yi Xian tells Jia Hao she became the assistant to his idol, Master Eugene.  She wants to get Master Eugene to meet Jia Hao.

Chu Man has Peter go to spy on Jia Hao’s house, to see if he’s ok after the incident at the restaurant.  Peter lies that Jia Hao hasn’t gone home yet. Chu Man freaks out, worrying that Jia Hao took it too hard.

“He has become like this all because of me…humiliating him in the restaurant today made me feel so bad…”

She brings up the topic of gratitude, and Peter points out that she should be grateful to Kai Ming.  Chu Man agrees, saying that out of all the rich guys she’s dated, Kai Ming is the only one who has treated her this well.

“I already received my life-long want.  But what about Cai Jia Hao?  Because of me, his life is messed up…He needs to go back on the right path, go back to before he met me…”

Peter sees an ad for Master Eugene’s concert in Taipei.  He tells her that Kai Ming is hosting the concert.  Chu Man seizes this opportunity to set Jia Hao’s life back on track–she wants to ask Master Eugene to help Jia Hao go back to music school in Paris.

This episode has a huge English overload.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard this much English in a drama before. o_o

I take back what I said about Kai Ming’s assistant.  It turns out his assistant is like Kai Ming’s minion, carrying out his twisted plans.  Assistant shows Kai Ming pictures Jia Hao and Chu Man kissing on the beach.  He also tells Kai Ming that Chu Man secretly took Master Eugene’s name card.

Kai Ming’s plans to spoil Chu Man are ruined.  He concludes that Chu Man is interested in Master Eugene because of Jia Hao.  He decides to show Chu Man what it’s like when people lie to him.

Thus begins his terrifying plan to get revenge on Chu Man.  Expecting Chu Man to try to meet Master Eugene, he tells Master Eugene that Chu Man will be his accompaniment for the night.

Yan Kai Ming continues to confuse me to no end.  Does he really care about Chu Man?  Or does he just have a control complex?  I seriously think that he views his “relationship” with Chu Man like a cat-and-mouse game–he finds out Chu Man lies, so he decides to teach her a lesson to “get even” with her. Everytime I think MAYBE he really loves her, he starts being a jerk.  I’m STILL not sure.  I think he loves her, but he also desires to control every aspect of her life.

I thought there was a LITTLE insight into this character when he finds a gift that Chu Man hid in his office.  She attached a note to the gift…

“Everyone feels you’re very serious.  But I know that you’re actually very warm, especially when we’re together.”

“You should know that you’re the only one who brings me any warmth.  Tonight, should I send you to your death?”

BUT that little glimmer of humanity died for me in the next scene.  Kai Ming decides to test Chu Man to see if she’ll choose him or Jia Hao.  Chu Man is in a hurry to go meet Master Eugene; she lies to Kai Ming and says she has to go meet her friends.  Kai Ming asks her not to go, and shows her an engagement ring.  Chu Man is extremely conflicted about whether or not she should stay.  She promises him she’ll be back, and dashes out the door. The music is SO PERFECT in this scene.  The sad part is that Chu Man looks happy about the engagement when she tells him she’ll come back.  She probably thinks that after this, everything will be all over with Jia Hao.

After Chu Man leaves, Kai Ming angrily says to himself that Chu Man has chosen this herself.

Chu Man arrives at Master Eugene’s hotel suite.  Master Eugene thinks she’s here to spend the night with him, while Chu Man innocently asks him to help Jia Hao.  She realizes Master Eugene’s intentions, and tries to escape from the hotel room.

Suddenly the doorbell rings, saving Chu Man from Master Eugene…except it’s Yi Xian and Jia Hao at the door.  Jia Hao rushes out angrily, while Chu Man tries to tell him it’s not what he thinks.  She runs after him into the hotel lobby, begging him to believe her.  THIS IS SO SAD.  Chu Man sobs as Jia Hao berates her for stooping so low as to sleep with Master Eugene.  And here’s where I shake my head at Jia Hao.  He always jumps to conclusions like this.  As if on cue, the paparazzi show up.  Chu Man suddenly realizes that Kai Ming might be the one behind this.

Chu Man comes home.  Kai Ming smugly announces that the whole incident was his plan and kicks her out of the flat.  He has no mercy on her whatsoever.

Chu Man is kicked out of her expensive flat.  Just like when she was abandoned by Wang Dong, Chu Man has no where to go.  She checks in to a cheap hotel even though it’s not up to her standards.  I must say, this scene is done SO WELL.  I love the touch with the mirrors and the lamps.

Chu Man calls her one and only friend–Peter.  But she only reaches his voicemail.  She leaves him a message, only saying that something will happen tomorrow.  She hangs up and silently sobs.

The next day, her fiasco is all over the news.  Chu Man can’t go anywhere without being recognized by passersby and the media.  She gets kicked out by her hotel and has no where to go yet again.

She sits all alone in the rain and starts to cry her heart out.  And then..PETER COMES TO THE RESCUE.  He holds her in the rain and tells her about how hard he tried to find her.  OMG.  I LOVE PETER.

Peter takes Chu Man to his place and has another heart-to-heart talk with her.  He suggests that Chu Man really cares about Jia Hao.  She tries to tell him that liking Jia Hao is impossible…but as she stands in front of the mirror…she realizes that she really does like him.  AHHH YES!!!

And I love the focus on mirrors in this episode.  I love the bottom left shot, which focuses on the mirror as Chu Man talks.

Peter hands Chu Man a birthday letter that Jia Hao entrusted to him.  He tells Chu Man that this is proof of Jia Hao’s love for her, and encourages her to follow her heart.

“Everyone needs love.”

Peter is so sweet.  He says that he’s always been waiting for the day when his best friend falls in love.  AWWWWWWW.

Chu Man rushes over to the market to find Jia Hao.  But of course, there’s a lot of angst up ahead…Jia Hao is about to go abroad with Yi Xian.  Jia Hao’s sister tells Chu Man to go after Jia Hao.  Chu Man runs out of the market, carrying her precious bracelet with her…


And the preview.  OMG.  The next episode will be a 2 year time lapse.  Chu Man’s career has gone down the drain, while Jia Hao becomes a celebrated musician.  PLUS Jia Hao goes out with Yi Xian.  So many changes!  But I’m actually really excited for the next episode because it’ll change things up.  I wasn’t expecting the drama to go in this direction, but I think it’ll do the drama good.

Other thoughts

Well, Chu Man seems to be going through this cycle for the 2nd time–falling from her gold digging glory, damaging her reputation, and having no where to go after getting dumped by her boyfriend.  Chu Man is like the master at squaring her shoulders and starting anew.  But as this episode shows, she actually feels extremely vulnerable.

And I wonder…will Kai Ming be completely out of the picture, now that he’s ruined Chu Man?  I was rather disappointed in Kai Ming, because his relationship with Chu Man wasn’t that interesting.

As for Jia Hao and Yi Xian, their relationship is uninteresting to me as well.  Jia Hao is kinda annoying me because he’s so impulsive and doesn’t let Chu Man explain herself.

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