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Um.  I TAKE BACK EVERYTHING I SAID BEFORE ABOUT DRAMA-KYOUYA.  This episode will not disappoint, because for once they actually add on a scene that’s not in the anime/manga!!!  Yes!!!

AHHHHH! Kyouya is and always will be one of my favorite Ouran characters.  I actually shipped him and Haruhi in the anime. >.>  And I think the live action is shipping Kyouya/Haruhi MORE than the anime. 

^Tamaki, daydreaming about Haruhi

This is the beach episode that I so fondly remember in the anime.  The hosts have an event at a private beach (because they’re rich, you know). 

In reality, Haruhi isn’t all that excited about the beach day.  But she still gains the admiration of all the girls when she fearlessly throws a bug back into the ocean.  Which brings the twins to wonder…is Haruhi scared of anything?  Tamaki brushes it off, but then Kyouya announces…whoever finds out what Haruhi is afraid of will win some old pictures of her!  The hosts fawn over the pictures, and begin Operation: Find Haruhi’s Weakness.  The hosts treat Haruhi like she’s their idol, ROFL.

The best attempt at scaring Haruhi has got to be done by Mori.  He swings around a stick all pro like the martial arts master he is, and points it at Haruhi.  She just stares at the stick…Mori stares back…and she has no reaction.  OMG I LOVE MORI.  HIS SCENES ARE GOLD.

^love the bottom right pic with Kyouya gazing at Haruhi

Some rowdy guys start harassing some of the girls from Ouran.  Haruhi fends them off and bluntly tells them to stop.  The hosts rush over to save Haruhi, and come just in time to see Haruhi being pushed off a cliff, into the ocean.  Tamaki jumps into the ocean to save  Haruhi.  (Note: It doesn’t show him diving in)

Haruhi wakes up in Tamaki’s arms, with the hosts crowded around her.  THAT LUCKY GIRL!!!

Being the blunt, indifferent person that she is, Haruhi brushes off the whole incident.  She says she fine.  Tamaki is furious with her for being so apathetic, and asks her why she didn’t call for help even though everyone was nearby.  He reminds her that she’s a girl, she shouldn’t just take on all those guys by herself.  (I beg to differ.  Girl power ALL THE WAY) Haruhi doesn’t understand why he’s all worked up–being a girl has nothing to do with this!  Tamaki storms off in a fit.

Later on, he’s depressed because he’s had his first father-daughter fight with Haruhi.  HAHA.

*fastforward through crab scene, which is not as epic as it was in the anime*  To put it simply, back at the mansion, Honey tells Haruhi that she should apologize to everyone.  Haruhi is used to be independent, and doesn’t understand that everyone was worried to death about her.  Honey, Mori, and the twins help her realize how worried they all were.  It’s understandable–she thinks she’s just minding her own business, not being a bother to anyone, but in fact everyone cares about her.

After eating tons of crab, Haruhi feels like throwing up.  She rushes into a nearby bedroom to use the bathroom.  She realizes she’s in Kyouya’s room, and comes out to find him glasses-less *cough* and shirtless *COUGH COUGHHH*.  Haruhi notices he’s not wearing his glasses.  Kyouya says that he lost them.

^Rewatched part of the anime, and realized just how similar the drama is.  To the point of being exact.

I wondered whether or not they would dare to do this scene in the live action.  And they did.  Omg I love the live action now. 

Thanks to Kyouya, Haruhi rethinks the whole gender issue.  Kyouya reminds her that he’s a guy..and she’s a girl.  He grabs her and pushes her onto the bed.  Haruhi realizes that there is a difference.  But she bravely says that Kyouya wouldn’t do such a thing to her, because there’s no benefit in it.  Kyouya laughs and gets off of Haruhi, commenting that she’s an interesting person.  Haruhi says she understands now, and that Kyouya is actually a nice person. (D’AWW)   He purposely played the bad guy to teach her a lesson.  KYOUYA & HARUHI BONDING TIME!  And I’m attempting to wipe the silly grin off my face.

Tamaki walks right into the room, only to find shirtless Kyouya with Haruhi.  HAHA.  Kyouya quickly exits the room and deflects Tamaki’s wrath. (This part was better in the anime..)

And for the added scene!!!  Kyouya leaves the room and takes his broken glasses out of his pocket.  He has a flashback…

After Tamaki jumped into the water to save Haruhi, Kyouya threw off his glasses and dove in as well.  Not only that–it actually shows him diving in, whereas it didn’t show Tamaki diving in.  HA. HA.  After they save Haruhi, Kyouya desperately calls out her name, trying to get her to wake up.  Surprisingly, he’s the one freaking out, while Tamaki just holds her.

“The odd one is me.  Even though there’s nothing in it for me.”

This is so Kyouya-Haruhi shippy.  I am loving it.  EVERYONE, JUMP ABOARD THE KYOUYA SHIP!

*fastforward through the rest:  thunder scene, Tamaki is called an “SM”*

Other thoughts
Yeah, I loved this episode because of Kyouya and the added on scene.  I didn’t think they would attempt a couple scenes that are entirely different from the anime/manga.  Props to them!  It’s nice to see something new in Ouran. In the anime, there were romantic undertones with Kyouya and Haruhi.  But of course it was one-sided, on Kyouya’s part.  The thing is that he sees no ‘merit’ in the relationship for his family, and he wouldn’t destroy his friendships just for love. I hope that the drama plays around a bit more with Kyouya x Haruhi.  Then there’ll be THREE love interests.  HEHE.

As for the other ‘major’ scenes in this episode–the rescue, the argument, the hug between Tamaki & Haruhi…I wasn’t really feeling it.  The argument was intense, but the rescue wasn’t very suspenseful.  But, they made up for it with Kyouya helping to save Haruhi. 

Overall, the episode covered more significant topics–Haruhi’s independence along with her loneliness, the realization that she has people who worry about her, etc. etc.  And the fact that everyone must have some kind of fear, no matter how unruffled they may appear on the surface. 


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