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Is it just me or does this episode seem even shorter than the previous episodes?  O_O 

RENGE is introduced in this episode!  No she doesn’t have huge curly hair, and she’s not as intimidating as the original character is supposed to be.  Instead she has a huge bow on the top of her head, and is infatuated with Kyouya, her perfect ‘prince’.  HAHAHA.  Especially if you’re familiar with the manga/anime, you know that Kyouya is NOT the perfect prince, in fact he’s more like the dark overlord or something.  Which makes Renge’s misconception even more hilarious. 

Renge’s image of Kyouya.  HA. HA.

One thing this drama will have to cover is the darker sides of all the hosts.  Drama-Kyouya is not pulling it off as well as I’d like him to.  Anime/manga Kyouya is much darker and even more crafty than drama-Kyouya.  And anime/manga Kyouya is way more cooler.  I must say. 


Oh, and is anyone wondering if they’re gonna include the banana peel gag?

I.  love.  Mori.  I REALLY hope they do the episode where Mori and Haruhi are lost in the jungle.  That was one of my favorite episodes, all because of Mori.

Moving on, I kinda love Renge’s spunkiness as well.  Tamaki: “Are you overwhelmed by my beauty?”  Renge: *pushes him away, palm-to-forehead-style*  And so Tamaki’s confidence in his princely charms is crushed.

Honey is seriously SO CUTE.  He reminds me of his Usa-chan, just look at his expression!! (bottom left)  And only Honey can pull off carrying around a bunny stuffed animal when he’s in high school.

This is the only other thing, besides, Renge, that I remember from the anime.  IT’S THE FAMOUS CONTACT SCENE.  Tamaki rushes over to save Haruhi after she gets hit by some loose metal bars.  She sniffles and he thinks she’s crying…but it’s just because her contact slipped.  THE ANIME SCENE IS SO MUCH MORE DRAMATIC.  This one was just like, “my contact slipped.”  “oh.”  *end of story*

And of course, we have to have the cool dramatic walk-through-the-hallway scene.  As always, I love the bromance between Kyouya and Tamaki.  It just works.  So well.

That being said, this was a rather uneventful episode, just like the last few episodes.  I’m looking forward to more character development rather than dealing with all the hosts’ fan girls.  Loving the bromance, not so much the squealing fangirl scenarios. 


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