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The main highlight of this episode is Chu Man’s meeting with her mom.  The rest of the episode is angst, angst, and more angst.  Kai Ming is still freaking me out, and Chu Man’s love triangle is beginning to bore me a bit.  How many times has Jia Hao gone after Chu Man?  How many confessions and pleads?  I need some variety here.

Jia Hao is depressed, when his sister tells him that someone very special is waiting for him.  I expect it to be Chu Man…but no!  It’s Jia Hao’s friend, Yi Xian!  You know, the one that was in the beginning of the drama.  I completely forgot about her.  Heh.

Jia Hao & Yi Xian videochat.  She notices Jia Hao looks down, and says it must be because of his job problems.  T_T  She has NO CLUE what he’s gotten into.  Yi Xian tells him she wishes she could be with him, ‘because he needs her…right?’  Hehehehe.  Jia Hao tells her about how he’s run into the wrong people, thus resulting in his bad luck.

Chu Man is outside, and hears the entire conversation. She walks away in disappointment, and chides herself for going to Jia Hao’s place.  Peter tries to cheer her up, and encourages her to visit her mom on her birthday.

Chu Man decides to face her mom.  She visits on the pretext of returning Sasha’s hairclip, which just so happens to look like the star hair clip that Mom gave Chu Man.  Chu Man cautiously reveals that she was an orphan, and that she received the hair clip on her birthday.  Mom confesses that she has a biological daughter, and Chu Man looks a bit hopeful…

“…to me, she’s already dead.  She’s my life’s biggest stain.  I can only pretend she’s dead.  Disappeared, never to appear again…If that daughter of mine is still around, or were to suddenly appear, she will only destroy this new life that I’ve built. “

OMG.  Chu Man looks like she’s about to cry her heart out, and Mom keeps on going.

“There are many memories that make people do evil things that cause you not to want to remember.  To me, that child is a perfect example.”

Chu Man stays strong, and says that she understands–if she meets her mom someday, she won’t bother her.  Mom says that’s good, and Chu Man slowly walks toward the door.

She hesitantly asks Mom for one last favor–to pretend to be her mom just this once, and eat macaroons with her.  Mom rejects her. Chu Man looks like her heart has broken a thousand times over.

“Don’t look at me with that expression.  I never loved you, never even a little.”

Chu Man bows, and heartbreakingly holds back her tears as she walks away….to go to her birthday meal with Kai Ming.

Kai Ming is an even bigger jerk now.  He tells her he knows all about how she met her birth mother.  CONTROLLING OR WHAT?  And that’s not all–he paid her mom so that she would reject Chu Man.  Because of course, Chu Man’s background would look bad for super rich Kai Ming.  AUGH.  I HOPE CHU MAN DUMPS HIM.  Kai Ming tells her never to see her mom again, and that all he’s doing is for their relationship.  YEAH. RIGHT.

Not only that……………he says that her past should be completely erased.  Because, you know, if her past as an abandoned child is erased, then she’ll be more qualified to be in the upper class!  JERK ALERT!  And then Kai Ming gives her a peck on the cheek..and leaves.

Well guess what?  Jia Hao is there!  He overheard the entire conversation, and drags Chu Man out of the restaurant.  She protests, because she knows what a control-freak Kai Ming is.  Jia Hao is furious because he thought Chu Man was going to be happy with her new life.  (which she obviously isn’t)  He let her go because he thought she would be happy.

Jia Hao asks her to honestly tell him that she’s happy.  Chu Man tries to, but she can’t bring herself to utter those words.  Jia Hao adorably hugs her and tells her she doesn’t have to act strong.

And then for the classic line: Take me away.

Take her away he does…to the beach for snorkeling!  This is Jia Hao’s birthday present to Chu Man.  This is SO SWEET.  Jia Hao gets awkwardly close to Chu Man and makes yet another attempt to confess…

“Are you willing to believe in true love again?…I hope that you will always smile like this.  Because you met me, because you’ll never be alone again.  I will always be with you as long as you look back.”

Chu Man stubbornly says that she won’t look back…and Jia Hao kisses her.  I’m telling you, one of Kai Ming’s minions is definitely watching this…

*fastforward through scene with jerk*  Chu Man lies to Kai Ming that she stayed home on her birthday.  Kai Ming, of course, finds out that she was actually with Jia Hao.

The wheels start turning in Kai Ming’s head, and he decides to make Chu Man to tell him the truth.  He takes her to the restaurant where Jia Hao works, and slyly tells her that he values honesty and trust in a relationship.  Chu Man smartly tells him the truth and apologizes.  But that’s not enough–Kai Ming views Jia Hao as competition!

Chu Man averts his wrath and purposely tells off Jia Hao.  Not only that…she frames him as a thief.  Now that’s going way too far.  :'(  POOR JIA HAO.

*fastforward through the rest of the episode*
Other thoughts
I’m glad Yi Xian has reappeared to shake things up a bit.  But I don’t think her reappearance will really make any difference, because Jia Hao has already laid down the facts:  She’s just like a SISTER to him.  No feelings for her.  It’s the unrequited love deal.  BUT, I think Jia Hao might force himself to go out with Yi Xian, just so he can forget Chu Man and move on with his life.  Is Yi Xian clingy or just completely devoted to Jia Hao?  I’m not sure yet.  But I think she genuinely likes him, and so far she’s not too annoying. 

Kai Ming is just confusing.  In the end though, I think he has a huge ego and a control issue.  He gets jealous whenever Chu Man pays attention to someone else, so he decides controlling her and monitoring her every move is the best way.  I laughed when he talked about “trust and honesty” because…HE DOESN’T TRUST HER AT ALL.  If he trusted her, he wouldn’t have his minions follow her every move.  He wouldn’t check up on where she’s been.  What is with him?!?!?

And then there’s something even worse–Chu Man continues to stay with him even though she’s miserable.  And even though he basically ruined her chance of ever being accepted by her mom.  I think she’s being partly smart, partly dumb.  The more Chu Man stays with Kai Ming, the greater the consequences will be when she breaks up with him.  If she keeps on going further into this relationship, she’ll be at the point of no return.  Kai Ming can easily destroy her career if she leaves him.  So I wonder, will Chu Man give up her wealth, status, pride, AND her career to get out of an unhappy relationship?  HMM. 

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