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More craziness ensues at Ouran!

The episode opens with Haruhi entering the host club, only to find the entire group dressed up in exotic costumes.  They’ve taken the word ‘harem’ literally.  When they see it’s Haruhi, they go, “Oh it’s only Haruhi” and get out of their ‘cool pose mode’.  Tamaki, being his usual self, dramatically walks around in his splendor, complete with a fancy fan.  Haruhi isn’t impressed at all.  He blows kisses at Haruhi…AND SHE AVOIDS THEM.  AHAHAHA.  She crushes daddy’s hopes by telling him that she can’t go to the dance–she’s gotta study!!!

No I did not just include the top left pic because of Mori…Omg, I have to admit though, his costume looks the best.  And Honey has a flower behind his ear.  Awww!!!  Tamaki’s heart is broken because Haruhi isn’t going to the dance…

Suddenly the hosts are putting back on their uniforms.  They get a visit from Nekozawa (spell check), the creepy guy with his bird puppet.  Tamaki is freaked out, and runs over to Haruhi in his fear.  And there’s Kyouya, DRINKING TEA, because he has no fear of Nekozawa.

FINALLY, KUMA IS INTRODUCED!!!!  Tamaki offers his Kuma to Haruhi…and is rejected.  Kuma is his beloved teddy bear.  ROFL.

By the way, Haruhi is in need of a tutor.  The hosts instantly whip out some glasses.  They pose for Haruhi and tell her to take her pick.  ROFL.  I would gladly have the host club tutor me.  [pic spamming Mori]

Apparently, Haruhi is not swayed by the prospect of getting tutored by the handsome hosts.  She gets a different tutor instead–an ice queen who has a grudge against Tamaki.  The hosts observe Haruhi’s tutoring session from afar…when the tutor harshly tells them to shut up.  (who could study during all their bickering?)  The group is owned by the ice queen’s iciness, and start gasping for air.  Kyouya, as you can see in the top 2 caps, is completely unaffected by the ice queen’s reprimands.  SO IN CHARACTER, I LOVE IT.



Tamaki worriedly tells his friends that he thinks Kuma is missing.  The rest of the group doesn’t have much sympathy…and look at the top right pic…KYOUYA IS SMILING.  I love how Tamaki is so worried about his Kuma that he even hands out ‘lost Kuma’ fliers to the students.  AND LOOK AT HIS ILLUSTRATION OF KUMA.  I LOVE TAMAKI.

Erm, so I skipped all of the drama with the ice queen.  I seriously wish that this part was LEFT OUT, so that we can get some real action going here.  Basically, she has a grudge against Tamaki because once upon a time, he wooed her…but then she realized he sweet talks ALL GIRLS.  OOPS.  So now she hates him.  She hates him so much that she kidnaps Kuma.  Tamaki woos her yet again, and she melts at his feet falls for him yet again, as he tells her that she’s beautiful even though she hates her hair.

She gets a makeover and dances with Tamaki at the host dance.

This scene is absolutely hilarious, even though I don’t think it’s meant to be.  I cracked up.  Seeing all the hosts BALLROOM DANCING so seriously was somehow hilarious to me.  Especially with Kyouya dancing.  And then there’s more picspamming…Mori looks the best in his suit.  And he actually looks fine ballroom dancing.

Then there’s Tamaki, who’s completely into the dance.  Just look at his beaming smile. (bottom right pic)

And for the final scene…

The hosts award the ice queen with a special kiss from the best-dressed host.  Tamaki expects to be the best-dressed but…IT’S HARUHI.  GASP!!!!!  Everyone is surprised, Tamaki especially, as he complains to Kyouya about it.

Top left pic.  Best pic ever.  Kyouya + Tamaki = WINNNN

Now, the kiss part is just AWKWARD.  Haruhi, for some unknown reason to mankind, decides to go through with the kiss.  She slowly walks toward the ice queen…and Tamaki can’t bear to see his crush daughter give away her first kiss…so he runs toward her, meaning to stop her…BUT HE ENDS UP PUSHING HER.  AND SO SHE GETS PUSHED RIGHT INTO THE KISS.

The whole group looks shocked (Ok, did they expect a peck on the cheek, not a kiss on the lips?) except for Kyouya.  I bet Kyouya has recorded the whole kiss and will make a lot of money out of this.  Because I bet he’s in the club solely to make a profit.

Tamaki’s hopes are crushed, and Haruhi glares at him because he made her give away her first kiss..TO A GIRL.  AHAHAHA.

Other thoughts
What bothers me the most about Haruhi is…SHE’S WEARING MASCARA.  Yes, it’s a drama and you need make up but…not mascara!  Not when she’s supposed to be disguised as a boy.  If she wears guyliner, that’d be fine, because she’s pretending to be a guy.  But I don’t think there’s guy-mascara.  You can especially see in the kiss scene, she’s obviously wearing mascara.

Another thing that really gets me: Nekozawa-senpai.  WHY did they include him in the drama version?  It turns it even more ridiculous, because all Nekozawa does is randomly appear and attempt to talk spookily.  The drama DOES NOT need to include every single detail from the manga/anime.  I think it would be much better without Nekozawa.

Also, the whole ice-queen dilemma was completely unneeded.

Lastly:  the kiss scene.  How awkward is this.  I think that Haruhi probably intended to give ice-queen a kiss on the cheek, because why else would she look so mad at Tamaki?

Overall, this episode cut back a bit on the cheesy effects, so that was a good thing.  The animated hearts were actually a cute touch.  I do think they use the ‘glow’ effect a bit too much, such as in the dance scene.  It would look much better with more natural lighting.  (and it would create a better atmosphere)

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