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Finally things are picking up pace in Material Queen!  Because finally Chu Man got in a relationship with Yan Kai Ming!!!  And yet she’s not happy!  Because she’s destined to be with Cai Jia Hao!!!!!  This episode is by far my favorite because Chu Man’s sadness and loneliness really struck me.  Everyone, get the Kleenex out because you’ll need it.

So, Chu Man must move out of the market so she can move into a luxurious apartment provided by Kai Ming.  Jia Hao removes his bracelet from Chu Man’s wrist, since now they must be separated. Aw! He and Chu Man get awkwardly close, not because Jia Hao made his move, but because he reached over to catch a fly.  AHAHA.  I love Jia Hao because he’s so down-to-earth and…just awkward.

But he’s not COMPLETELY out of the loop, because he takes this chance to stroke her face and ask her to stay…

“I like you…Can you not go back to that world?

Chu Man accompanies Kai Ming to visit his horse.  He observes that Chu Man seems to be rather distant from him.  So he has her call him by his English name, “Tary”.  Do they mean Terry?  And Kai Ming goes in for a kiss.  As they kiss, Chu Man thinks to herself that she must revert back to the old Chu Man.

At first, it seems like Chu Man really does go back to her old self.  She blissfully indulges in her wealth.  Kai Ming gives her a new apartment, a sportscar, and a CREDIT CARD.  She buys new clothes, etc. etc, and seems to be the happiest woman on earth.  She says that from now on, she’s truly a queen–a material queen.  (title of the drama.  HINT HINT)

But when Chu Man goes back to her apartment, we see that she’s not as happy as we thought she was.  She excitedly prepares dinner for Kai Ming and awaits his arrival.  But when he visits her, he says he’s only here to check on her.  She disappointingly hides her surprise present behind her back.  Kai Ming gives her a quick peck on the cheek and hands her a present before leaving.  That was literally like a 1 minute visit.  I sense an unhappy relationship here.  Or maybe Kai Ming has no clue that this is not a real relationship.

And to symbolize Chu Man’s unhappiness, she leaves the gift, unopened, on the shelf.

I love Peter and Chu Man.  Peter is like Chu Man’s only friend.  He understands her so well.  At a practice fashion show, Chu Man’s rival Sasha has her mom visit.  When Chu Man sees Sasha’s mom, she stops in her tracks and recognizes her as HER OWN mom.  And for the punch, her real mom is now Sasha’s doting mother.  No wonder she’s in shock.  Peter notices something is wrong and glances over at Sasha’s mom.

After the practice, Chu Man rushes out to find Sasha’s mom.  And, for the much anticipated meeting between mother and daughter, Sasha’s mom goes over to talk to Chu Man.  Chu Man doesn’t give herself away, as the two of them make pleasant small talk.  Chu Man tells her that Sasha always boasts about how doting she is.  Sasha’s mom (or should I say…CHU MAN’S MOM) says that Sasha is her only daughter, so of course she must treasure her.  Ouch.

Chu Man cautiously says that she thought she had 2 daughters.  Sasha’s mom denies it, saying that she has only one daughter.  :'(  And here is when I feel so so bad for Chu Man.

The angst does not start there.  Chu Man sobs as she confides in Peter.

“I always thought she abandoned me because she hated kids.  Kids would ruin her happiness.  But, 20 years later, and she’s someone else’s mother.  It wasn’t that she didn’t want children.  She just didn’t want me as a child.

I always thought she had her own difficulties, so I could forgive her…But…she’s actually being someone else’s mother.  She actually never liked me at all.  She hates me.  To the point where she even forgot what I look like.  But I’m obviously her daughter.”

This is so. heartbreaking.

“She should at least know my voice.  I called her mom for so many years.  But she forgot.  She hates me, hated until she forgot me.”

All Peter can do is call her “baby”.  He tries to cheer her up by telling her to go drinking with him for her birthday.

“I don’t feel like my birthday is a day worth celebrating.”

And so, I cried during this scene.

Chu Man tries to call Kai Ming, but of course he’s too busy to notice that Chu Man sounds heartbroken talk, and he hangs up quickly.  With no one to talk to, Chu Man finds herself walking toward the market…and she hears Jia Hao playing a bittersweet melody on his violin.

Other thoughts

Kai Ming & Chu Man obviously are not working as a couple.  Chemistry is ZERO.  Awkwardness and distance is off the charts.  It’s even worse than her relationship with Wang Dong, because Kai Ming is smart AND controlling.  He constantly gives her presents, but we see that Chu Man is not happy with that at all.

I know they’re going for the whole unhappiness-even-with-a-rich-guy thing, but it would be much more compelling if Kai Ming and Chu Man actually did have a real relationship…and thus Chu Man would have to choose: her rich lover or her poor lover.

And then there’s Kai Ming’s assistant.  He’s basically Kai Ming’s messenger to Chu Man.  Actually the assistant is more interesting than Kai Ming himself.  HAHA.  Have you realized, the assistant is always with Chu Man?  When she gets her apartment, her car, her painting, he’s there, without fail.  Ahaha I love the assistant.  Chu Man sees the assistant more often than Kai Ming.  Which is kinda sad.

Quote Translation Credit / Where to Watch: Material Queen is subbed on Viki


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