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OURAN IS SO HILARIOUS.  I admit it, I’m hooked.  It’s nice refreshing my faint memory of the anime/manga, especially since each episode aligns the episodes in the anime.  It’s not serious at all.  It actually feels more like a cheesy play.  BUT I STILL LOVE IT.  There’s definitely not enough in each episode though.

Things I forgot:  How Tamaki calls himself “dad” and Kyouya “mom”.  AHAHAHA.  He tells Haruhi that “Dad” (aka Tamaki) wants to see her dressed like a girl once again.  He calls dramatically calls Kyouya Mom.  Omg, I love this so much.  Kyouya & Tamaki are mom and dad.

And of course, I forgot the degree of Tamaki’s whimsical, imaginative ways.  He daydreams about being all macho around Haruhi (in girl-mode).  And he even imagines himself plunking a huge pink bow on her head.  LOL even his sense of fashion is funny.

We can’t forget the main conflict of the episode:  Haruhi’s gender might be revealed at the health checkup!!!  Of course, Tamaki is eager to see Haruhi in girl-mode, but then the other hosts point out that Haruhi won’t be able to be a host anymore if she’s in girl-mode.  And then Haruhi smugly says that if she gets found out, she’ll just figure out a different way to pay off her debt.  That perks Tamaki up.  He wants to protect her!  And be her man!

Operation save Haruhi!!!  Tamaki and the twins surround Haruhi, acting like her bodyguards.  The twins even pretend to have guns.  Omg I love them.  Honey & Mori are dressed up as doctors.  And Kyouya just relaxes.  HAHA.  I love how Kyouya has no part in their crazy ideas.  Tamaki snaps his fingers, and everyone (except Kyouya and Haruhi) stand at attention.  ahaha look at Honey’s pose (bottom right pic).

Look at Honey’s expression (top right pic).

Thus commences Operation Save Haruhi.  The twins divert attention from Haruhi by putting on their usual twin-love act in front of all the girl students.  (All the girls are flocking around like spectators to see the guys shirtless, HAHA)  And then comes Tamaki’s brilliant idea…he dons a black wig and exits Haruhi’s dressing room…

Tamaki: “I’m Fujioka.”  <he says this in his usual voice.
Everyone else: “Tamaki?  What are you doing?”

Like all great friends do, the twins crack up at Tamaki’s futile attempt.  And like Tamaki always does, he ends up depressed.  The twins rub it in even further, telling him that Haruhi must hate him now.

All in all, of course the Operation Save Haruhi is a success.  It’s funny how cheesy the host club is when they ‘rescue’ Haruhi from the campus intruder.

Other thoughts

Tamaki acts similarly to Morita in Honey and Clover.  He’s completely obsessed with Haruhi, just like Morita is obsessed with Hagu.  He is just too. funny.

I do think they could’ve left out the part with the doctor guy who accidentally goes to Ouran instead of Oran High School.  Yes, it was in the anime.  No, it isn’t necessary.  I wish the drama would improvise a bit instead of doing every single thing they did in the anime.  ESPECIALLY with If they cut out some of the unneeded fluff, they would have more room for character development…there’s always the backstories of Honey/Mori, the twins, Tamaki’s family problems, Kyouya’s family problems, Haruhi’s dad problems, etc. etc.  I mean, they’ve got a lot of backstories to cover!!!


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