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WELLL I know I was rather critical of Ouran at first but…I ended up watching the first episode anyway. ._.  I mean, it’s OURAN, how could I not watch it?  If you’re watching it, keep in mind you should be watching it for laughs, not for a sparkling smooth rendition of Ouran.  I knew it would be cheesy, but this time I just laughed along with the cheesy dorkiness.  And it was fun.

WHAT?  THE RUMOR ABOUT COMMONERS’ INSTANT COFFEE IS TRUE?!?  And then Tamaki bravely declares that he will drink commoners’ coffee, as all the other rich kids applaud his bravery.

TAMAKI’S EXPRESSIONS ARE SO FUNNY.  The ‘heart beating out of Tamaki’s chest effect’ was a bit too much for me though. T_T  Tamaki’s expressions are enough to carry the show WITHOUT the weird special effects.

Ehehehe Tamaki is so funny.  He goes, “So Haruhi I didn’t know you like guys.”  And then he starts listing the kinds of hosts they have.  Apparently Kyouya is the ‘cool type,’ and Mori is the ‘rough and wild type’.  And of course, Tamaki is the ‘prince type’.  Heheh, I think Mori should just be the ‘silent type’…he’s not exactly ROUGH AND WILD.  Oh wait, is that Mori holding a…fish?  In his bare hands?

I seriously cracked up at the funny ‘special effects’ for the backgrounds when Tamaki was describing the different kinds of hosts.  They HAD to TRY to make them look that cheesy.  It was complete with bright colors, vectors, sparkles and swirls.  Seriously, they could’ve tried a bit harder to upgrade their special effects.  T_T

Anyway, why was this episode so short?!?!?  You should think that they would make the first episode longer!!!  So far it seems like they’re staying right on track with the anime’s pacing.  If all the episodes are going to be this short, they might as well combine 2 episodes into one.  I WANT MORE!  Overall, it’s a breezy watch, since I took the let’s-laugh-at-the-funny-‘special’-effects-while-reminiscing-about-Ouran approach.  Yes, it is all cheesiness and dorkiness but….what REALLY made the cheesiness WORSE were….the SPECIAL EFFECTS.  GAGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH.


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  • I agree with your review100%. The effects were too much, and the characters COULD grow on me if they all had a little more air time (I’m used to kdrama, 1 hr long type episodes, so this seemed too short for me).

    • Yeah, the effects were laughable. But the characters are beginning to grow on me, since I already love the anime. >.< Unfortunately it seems all the episodes will be this short. I need longer episodes!!!

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