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I officially love MARS.  It’s such a pure love story.  It’s like your perfect fairy tale.  YES!!!  Chen Ling is bordering on the status of beloved male leads like Jiang Meng from Devil Beside You.  I like that he’s not your typical cold-blooded playboy character.  Instead, he’s got this child-like curiosity about Qi Luo.

We start where we left off in Ep 1, with Chen Ling brooding over his mirror-phobia.  He punches the mirror as he sees an illusion of his reflection moving in the mirror.  There’s a voice over describing his condition.  Something about reversible nerve connection.  Yeah, I have no clue what that is.  But somehow it makes him fear his own reflection, due to illusions and such.  He has flashbacks of his mom.  It seems he had some mom-issues in the past.

Chen Ling returns the sketch to Qi Luo, who seems to be friendlier to him.  She says she can give him the final painting of the sketch if he likes it.

“I don’t have any money…what can I give you in exchange?  Why don’t I protect you?…Whatever happens to you in the future, I’ll be by your side and help you.  Also…when you want to fool around, I can contribute my body for you to use, free of charge.”


Qi Luo: “Can you lend me your body?”

Yeah, that’s what I would say too.  Don’t waste your chance, Qi Luo!!  AHAHA Chen Ling’s expression is too funny.  Of course, Qi Luo didn’t mean it in that way–she wants him to be her model.

“He acts crazily…but he has such a pure face.  I can’t sense any trace of malice in it.”

Awww so Qi Luo knows that Cheng Ling ISN’T a jerk.

In English class, the teacher picks on Cheng Ling to write a sentence on the board.  Cheng Ling writes, “This teacher who appears to be nice is in reality a terrible person who initiates sexual harassment to his female students.”  First off, props to Cheng Ling for being able to write that in English.  Secondly, I knew that was coming!  Of course, Cheng Ling walks away all cool from the board, and tells Qi Luo to give him a high 5.

“Isn’t it fun to strike back?”

Watch out though, because I think the teacher is pretty bitter over what Chen Ling did…and, I’m right…the teacher messed up Chen Ling’s motorcycle breaks.  He is about to collide with a huge truck…WHEN HE SLIDES UNDERNEATH THE TRUCK AND IS UNSCATHED.  Now that was pretty cool.

In class, Chen Ling sits next to Qi Luo.  The persistent girl, Qing Mei, who keeps on bugging Chen Ling asks him to give her a ride on his motorcycle.  Chen Ling: “Uh, no.”  Qing Mei is bitter and jealous, so she purposely bumps into Qi Luo.  Qi Luo’s hand slips, accidently cutting her finger.  Chen Ling TAKES HER FINGER…AND SUCKS THE BLOOD.

Time for a face-off between Da Ye and Chen Ling.  Da Ye warns Chen Ling that Qi Luo might get bullied because she’s getting close to him.  Chen Ling teases Da Ye, asking if he likes her.  AWW, DA YE TOTALLY DOES.

“Whether I like her or not doesn’t matter.  Since I’ve started high school, I’ve been a nobody.”


It turns out Da Ye’s warning is correct, because a group of girls gang up on Qi Luo and tell her to stay away from Chen Ling.  They throw her clothes off the roof and leave her there in the cold.  Chen Ling discovers her crying on the rooftop.  He kneels down, gives her his jacket, and asks her if this happened because of him.  So.  sad.  The background music was SO perfect for this scene.  I think it was more dramatic than the teacher-assault scene, which is kinda the wrong way around, because I thought Qi Luo would be more disturbed that her teacher hit on her, rather than having jealous girls gang up on her.  But either way, it’s a beautiful yet melancholy scene.

Chen Ling finally puts his motorcycle to good use, and gives Qi Luo a ride home.  She gets to wear his jacket AND his helmet.  D’AWW.


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