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Note that this is an older drama, so be ready for the long hairstyles like back in the day of ISWAK Season 1 and Devil Beside You.  Overall, I love the feel of the drama.  Even though it’s an older drama, it’s filmed very well.  It even has a fresher feel than some of the current dramas today, with warm lighting and some beautiful small details.  I also love the characters.  They seem to be opposites, but are they?  They both have a common similarity:  they have something they need to overcome.  No matter how outgoing or how timid you are, everyone has something they need to overcome.  I like how even Chen Ling has trouble facing himself.

  • Han Qi Luo (Barbie Xu):  She’s a very reserved and quiet art student.  She seems to have some kind of emotional trauma from something that happened in the past, which is why she avoids people.
  • Chen Ling (Vic Zhou):  He’s boisterous and also a bit clueless.  He’s popular with the girls and races around on his motorcycle.

Chen Ling first meets Qi Luo when he asks her for directions in the park.  She sketches a map on a piece of paper for him and quickly walks away.  It turns out she drew her map on the back of one of her nice sketches.

Chen Ling visits his dad’s friend (who’s like an uncle to him) in the hospital.  The friend got in an accident, and can no longer ride his motorcycle.  So he lets Chen Ling have his motorcycle.

Qi Luo & Chen Ling meet again when they end up in the same college class.  Chen Ling hilariously tries to talk to Qi Luo, who ignores him because she thinks he’s a jerk.  Chen Ling keeps on asking her if she remembers him, and even starts poking her head going “Ding dong, ding dong.”  He means no harm, but he should probably realize how agitated Qi Luo is by his antics.  The teacher throws a chalkboard eraser at Chen Ling..but it ends up hitting his other friend.

Chen Ling’s friend reveals that Qi Luo was one of his classmates in the past.  He says that she has a “man phobia” and that she refused to hold hands with any guy.

Then comes the dreaded read-out-loud-in-front-of-the-class moment.  When Qi Luo reads out loud, the jerks can’t help but complain about her quiet reading.  Chen Ling throws a note at Qi Luo, but she doesn’t even pick it up.  So he picks it up for her and puts it on her desk.  Ahaha.  He’s so persistent, in a cute way.  His note says that he has her sketch.

Thus leads them to eating lunch together.

“If you won’t say anything, I might use my tongue to open your mouth.”

Oh my goodness.  Chen Ling is so cute with Qi Luo.  He’s just like a kid.  A grown up kid.

Da Ye follows Qi Luo from a distance after she leaves the cafeteria.  (not in a stalkerish way, more in a curious protector like way)  OOO.  Will this be the LOVE TRIANGLE?  When Qi Luo looks back at him, he walks past her as though he wasn’t following her.  D’awww.

Qi Luo stays in the art room, working diligently even when everyone else goes home.  Her perverted teacher seizes the opportunity to victimize her.  I feel SO BAD for Qi Luo, because she’s paralyzed with fear as her teacher starts to assault her.  She has a flashback as he assaults her.  It seems she was also assaulted by some other adult.  🙁

BUT WAIT.  CHEN LING TO THE RESCUE!!!!  He intimidates the teacher and saves the day.  Qi Luo & Chen Ling have their first real conversation, as they talk about Mars, the god of war.

“He was a dark hero who helped people overcome tragedies.”

Ohhhh I get why the drama is called MARS now.  Qi Luo will overcome her past.  As for Chen Ling, we see that he has a fear of mirrors.  Or perhaps it’s just the fear of looking at himself?   Symbolism much?  So, Chen Ling also has his own ‘tragedy’ to overcome.  Interesting.  Not much of a cliffhanger though.


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  • The man in the hospital was actually a friend of Chen Ling’s. You will meet his dad in a later episode. Thanks for the recap! My first Asian Drama ever and these years later, I am still in love with it and rewatch. I can still marvel at the quiet serenity and anguish in the scenes and how they can still move me….

  • It this your first time watching Mars? I’m so glad you are recapping it. I can’t remember much of it. I just recently found out the the main actor was Vic Zhou. I always thought it was Jerry Yan because of the longer hair.

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