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It’s already the end of Asuko March.  I’m so sad that we can’t see more funny moments from Asuko.  Those of you who are on the Tamaki-boat, I’m right along with you.  Overall, this episode was disappointing because…I’m on the Tamaki-boat.  For those of you on the Aruto boat…congratulations.  This episode was FULL of Aruto/Nao moments.  I’m not going to recap the whole episode, I’m just gonna share a few important moments.

Nao tries to reach for something on the top shelf of a storage case…and Aruto gets it for her–which, of course leads to a this-is-awkwardly-close moment…and a perfect lean-in-for-a-kiss opportunity.  Aruto and Nao gaze at each other, and Aruto goes in for the steal…

Of course, Kyoko interrupts the moment.  She asks if she’s not good enough for Aruto, and if she did something wrong.  Uhh, does she really have to ask?

“That’s not the real me.” -Aruto

Finally, Aruto tells her the truth.

Nao works hard to prep for creating a special end-of-the-year project, the “Asuko March”.  She hauls tons of scrapped parts up to a warehouse by herself.  After she hurts her hand, head-band guy, blondie, Tamaki, Takeuchi, Hirose, and crush-guy suddenly appear like the heroes that they are, and start helping her.  D’awww.  Even Momo comes to help out.  BUT WAIT.  After the group heads toward the warehouse, Nao starts feeling light-headed and stumbles backward…only to be swept up in Aruto’s arms.  Tamaki!!! You missed your chance!!!

The group goes up the hill to the warehouse, and finds the whole class there working diligently on the project.  Awww.  The class finishes the project and everyone admires the scrap-sculpture. (I guess that’s what’d you call it.)  Home-room teacher is proud of the class for coming this far, but informs them that they must take apart their project.  (It’s a tradition or something)  So, the class has to complete the final step of the project–placing lit candles on the sculpture.

Nao lights her friend’s candles using her own lit candle.  She goes over to light Takeuchi’s candle…and Takeuchi awkwardly goes, “Uh, Yoshino…” but is interrupted by someone else.  Nao walks away, and Momo asks Takeuchi, “Do you like her?”  Of course, he pretends that Momo’s assumption is ridiculous.  Takeuchi so likes Nao.  Now I’m torn between Tamaki, Hirose, AND Takeuchi.  But really, what’s the point in having Takeuchi like Nao so late in the game, in the LAST EPISODE, when Nao is already ending up with someone else?

Here’s where all hope for Tamaki is crushed.  Nao goes over to light Tamaki’s candle.  Tamaki tells her he knows she doesn’t like him, and to go on over to Aruto.  AUGHHHH Tamaki, why must you do this to us?  Tamaki told her to go confess to Aruto…so of course, Tamaki will tell her to go with Aruto. :'(  Bless his heart.

It’s done and overwith–Aruto says he likes Nao.  Darn it.

The drama fast-forwards one year.  A new freshman class tours the school, and Nao sees one lone girl in the class.  Oh, so will there possibly be a 2nd season with that new girl as the lead?  I doubt it.

Overall Commentary

I’d actually like to see a different version of Asuko–it’d be cool to see a heroine that actually wants to work in that field.  I’d like to see a heroine that’s machinery/technology-savvy, just to represent all the ladies out there who don’t need a guy to help them with that stuff.  Ohohohoho.

I liked that Nao eventually learned to appreciate the sweat and grit of doing industrial work.  In turn, the class eventually learned to accept Nao despite her being a girl.  Overall, this drama has that “feel-good, do-your-best” vibe to it.  As a high-school drama, it’s pure and simple.

The characters weren’t that complex, but they were still enjoyable to watch. Especially Hirose and Tamaki.  😀

I didn’t like Nao’s long speeches, which seemed a bit too overdone to me.  Also, I thought it was unrealistic when Nao made her long speech to Aruto’s dad.  I doubt that the dad would change his mind if this were a real-life scenario–the dad was abusive and obsessed with controlling his wife & Aruto.

My last dissatisfaction is:  Tamaki’s boat sunk.  End of story.


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  • OHMYGOODS I absolutely agree with all other Tamaki boat shippers. I was so damn crushed with Tamaki and her not ending up together, and I mean, I saw it?but it just didnt feel right ughhhhh i was so crushed like the way hirose’s music box was damaged before her grandfather and her fixed it. T_T

  • Tamaki-Nao shipper here! I probably shouldn’t have read your review because now I’m bummed to watch the finale. I kind of predicted that she’ll end up with aruto because he was the first guy to be introduced and also his family issue was the last to be resolved (that scene with nao and his dad was too naive. Like, fast??). I agree that Tamaki or Takeuchi could’ve been a better choice for her. I demand an alternate ending! >:(

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