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Oh my goodness.  Episode 10 was by far the best…well of course, it’s the final episode, it’s supposed to be.

Ok, I knew Toma’s ex was a bit shady, but in this episode…oh my goodness.

IT’S HIM, IT’S HIM! IT ALL COMES TOGETHER.  “Wait…who’s Chii?”  Up until this moment, I didn’t even know his name.  But it turns out…he’s kinda a major character…he just so happens to be the antagonist who devised all of Toma’s suffering.  This was such a great twist, I didn’t see it coming at all, because I was thinking that Ninomae was the main baddie of the drama.  It turns out Chii is the true baddie–he manipulated Ninomae (who is Toma’s LONG LOST BROTHER!!!!!)  and is the TRUE TSUDA.  GASP!!!!  I FREAKED OUT during this episode.  Chii is basically a controlling stalker who is obsessed with Toma because of her intelligence.  He views everything as a “scenario” which he creates.

Anyway, the ability to manipulate memories is a good one–because he can basically get away with all his crimes without anyone knowing.  And he can turn everyone into his ally.  So, he erases all of Toma and Sebumi’s memories and continues playing the “nice, concerned boyfriend” act.

Due to the poisoned snow, Sebumi is temporarily blind.  He’s in a “deep sleep” and is snoring away in the hospital.  Haha, the way he snores just makes it funny.  Then Toma comes into his room to raid his fruit basket.  He drowsily tries to hit her on the head, but keeps on missing.  She leans over and says, “My head is right here.”  Sebumi goes right back to sleep.  SO CUTE!!

[ By the way, the thing that REALLY relieved me in this episode is that the Chief and Sebumi weren’t killed off.  What a relief!!! I seriously thought the chief was a goner!  And I like that Mirei’s power is now important to the team. ]

But wait!  Chii didn’t expect Toma to realize something is wrong–and Toma uses her SPEC to regain her memories!! OHOHOHO!

The thing I liked about Toma’s SPEC in this scene is that…they finally filmed it differently.  She threw the papers with desperation, because she was relying on her SPEC to tell her the truth.  FINALLY, some variety!

At the same time, Sebumi is regaining all of his memories of his times with Toma.  CHII’S POWER WILL NOT PREVAIL AGAINST FRIENDSHIP!  So what does Toma do? ….she sews back on her hand herself.  Uh wait, she kept her hand…and her hand is still, you know..fresh?  I don’t understand why she didn’t have her hand sewn back on by a doctor in the first place.  Possibly it wouldn’t function anymore, so they didn’t sew it back on? :/  Oh well, aside from the questions surrounding the legitimacy of sewing one’s hand back on, it was a cool move.

Toma confronts Chii, and tries to shoot him…but he breaks her good hand and is about to kill her…

WHEN MIREI AND SEBUMI ARRIVE!!!  So, Sebumi is blind…and he’s still holding a gun and telling Chii to get away from Toma.  AHHHH.  Mirei has also increased her coolness, by helping Sebumi hold the gun, and telling Chii that she regained her memories through her power. I think Mirei will now be part of their team.  Yes!

“No matter how many times you try, my memories won’t disappear…because a human’s memories don’t exist only in their heads…The pain of their wounds can all be remembered by their body.”

How cool can Sebumi get?  It doesn’t end there…of course, Chii beats up Sebumi with his super SPEC.  Chii is about to shoot Toma.  Toma tells him to bring it on, and then Mirei tells him to shoot her, not Toma.  I half expected Sebumi to echo Mirei.  And he does.

Sebumi: “If you want to shoot, shoot me!  I’ll stop all of them with my fighting spirit!”
Mirei: “SPEC?”
Sebumi: “No, my fighting spirit!”
Chii: “Don’t you have a broken arm?
Sebumi: “I’m God Hand Oyama Masutatsu!”

And Sebumi…spits his tooth across the room…right into Chii’s forehead.  I WAS NOT expecting that.  Ok, for one thing…he was blind, and beat-up, and he somehow managed to have perfect tooth-spitting aim.  Ok.  I don’t know whether to laugh at Chii, for getting owned by a TOOTH, or at Sebumi, for being able to chuck spit his own tooth 20 feet across the room.  I seriously thought that Sebumi was going to unveil a new SPEC or something.  But…tooth-spitting?

But, Chii isn’t completely defeated by Sebumi’s tooth, and shoots at Toma & Sebumi.  Toma uses her sewn-on hand and commands her hand to move…and it does.  (again, the power of the mind reference) AND THEN…TIME STOPS.  Chii becomes a victim of Ninomae’s power, and his own bullets are directed toward himself.  Chii is defeated.  BUT WAIT–does that mean Ninomae is really alive…or does that mean that perhaps someone else gained his ability?  Did Toma gain his ability?  Is that why she’s so confident when she shoots at Chii?  It is possible that it is Ninomae, just because I’m sure he would want revenge against Chii after discovering the truth.  I also thought possibly the police faked Ninomae’s death so that Chii would be fooled.  At the end though, Chii says that it wasn’t Ninomae.  His last words are “No way…”

SO WAS IT TOMA?  I don’t know!!!!!  THE DRAMA ENDS THERE.  I think there’s a good chance that it was Toma, because she stands there as though she’s just won the battle.

I DEMAND A SECOND SEASON!  (or, technically a 3rd season)

WAIT…if you watch at the end of the movie, you see a new Tsuda…who suddenly disappears.  And he’s eating gyoza.  So, this new Tsuda guy has the ability of either super-speed or time manipulation.  But the gyoza part is what was like…WAIT…is this supposed to be a connection to Toma’s love for gyoza?

And then it shows Sebumi and Toma…

Toma: “I absolutely won’t do a movie.”


I seriously haven’t been this excited over a drama in a long long while.  I need.  A new season.  Of SPEC.


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  • I’m also so curious about the ending!
    Too many questions left, but I’m satisfied with how they unveil the stories to the end and introduce the SPEC (the main element of this drama plot) and more people with different SPECs. (it reminds me a bit of the western series “Hero”) Overall, the main plot was covered (I think?)

    That plot twist also took me! At first I was wondering about the relation between Ninomae and Touma. They’d make a chemistry together, despite the age gap and angst and that enemy-relationship sparks.
    But to think he’s her brother! Well, I should have realised that “Youta” will have a place sooner or later in this drama, right after there was a flashback (voice only) when Touma was on her bed at home after falling down.

    I love Yu Shirota and as much as I like him, I already accepted the fact if he’d only have a small supporting roles in this drama (much to my disappointment cause I like him), but to think he’s the mastermind behind all!
    Ah, it’s an irony that he becomes one of the important character, but he’s a bad guy at the end… :’))

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