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Would I watch it again?  Yes, in fact I already have.

Oh my goodness.  Episode 8 was another winner–not because of the romance (which made no progress whatsoever) but because of the humor.  I think this is the funniest episode yet.

The episode mainly focused on whether or not Nao would go to a new school or not.  I think this rather took away from the plot development because…Nao already decided not to transfer to Eirin High School.  Why do we need to have such angst over whether her mom will force her to go to a different high school?  I want progress in the romance part!!!!!!  But overall, the episode was enjoyable.

So, I thought the episode would start where the last episode left off…Tamaki’s confession.  But no…it completely cut out Nao’s response!!!  First Nao bumps into Aruto, who awkwardly says “Hey” as Nao remembers her rejection.  After that awkward moment, Nao bumps into TAMAKI.  They remember his confession…and apparently Nao didn’t give him a definite answer. (Is there still hope then?)  AWKWARD.   Thus crushes my hopes of Nao making up her mind.  Aruto or Tamaki.  I choose Tamaki.  Then there’s this cute moment when Tamaki takes a long look at Nao.  Aww, poor Tamaki.

Nao’s mom unexpectedly shows up.  She wants Nao to go to a new high school.  Please, not more of this high school-switching drama.

Anyway, Nao’s mom goes to the school and wants to observe the class.  Uh oh…Nao races to the classroom, where the students are being their usual selves, playing cards, writing on the board, and basically slacking off.  Nao asks them to look serious so her mom won’t make her switch high schools.  The guys are seriously like, “Uh, how aren’t we serious?”  All the guys go into action, changing into their uniforms and trying to look prim and proper…everyone except Takeuchi, who already looks the part.  Haha.

Sensei and Nao’s mom walk in…to find the class on their very best behavior.  Sensei looks flabbergasted and asks what’s up.  Tamaki: “What are you talking about, Sensei?”  Hirose: “Isn’t this always the way we are?”  Oh my gosh.  Hirose and his glasses.  So. Funny.  Then they show blondie and head-band guy.  They point to their hair and go, “We’re HALF Japanese!”

Then the guy who has a crush on Yoshino (I seriously don’t know his name, but he’s the funniest guy ever) comes in late, sees Nao’s mom, and goes, “Who’s this old lady?”  Takeuchi tries to calmly tell him that she’s Nao’s mom.  Crush-guy does a full-on introduction, telling her about his hobbies and everything.  Ahaha.  Hirose rushes to the rescue and drags crush-guy out of the classroom.

Be prepared for one of the funniest moments ever.  The class goes out to do their technical work.  Nao does something with the blowtorch (is that what it is?) and they all go, “Amazing, Yoshino!!!!!”  Crush-guy says something about Yoshino being like a prince, and Yoshino ‘jokes’ back that it should be “princess”.  The whole class puts in a huge effort to crack up at the joke, for appearance’s sake.  You HAVE to watch this scene, I cracked up.  Their facial expressions and the way they all laugh is the best thing ever.

The fun does not stop there.
Nao’s mom thinks that Nao doesn’t have any girl friends to eat lunch with.  So…some of the guys dress up as girls and pretend to be Nao’s friends.  ROFL.  They leave the classroom, all miffed that Nao made them go away.  They run into Tamaki and 2 other guys who had the same idea.  Tamaki as a girl…oh goodness.

Time for a showdown between Tamaki and Aruto.  *sigh* They could’ve made it so much more exciting.  Basically, Aruto provokes Tamaki, and Tamaki tries to punch Aruto.  UGH, can’t they just let Tamaki punch Aruto, to give us viewers some satisfaction?  It wasn’t even a fight…they made it seem more like a kid’s fight.  T_T  It was even almost a bit funny.  Still on Team Tamaki though, don’t worry, this doesn’t subtract from his awesomeness.

The rest of the episode is basically:

  • Yoshino tries to take a special exam so that her mom will let her stay.  Yoshino saves Momo from getting bullied, so she’s late to the exam and ends up not taking it.  Momo goes to the good side and tells Nao’s mom that it was all her fault.
  • Yoshino stays at Asuko.
  • All the guys in the class tell Nao’s mom about how much she means to them.  AWWW.

Episode 9 is the last episode.  AUGH!!!!  And it’s just getting better!! How can it already be the end??  I seriously don’t  know how they’ll wrap up the entire drama in just one episode.  (I assume it’ll be a longer episode since it’s the final one, but STILL!!)  That basically means that Nao will have to make her love-decision in one episode…and that there won’t be any time for more relationship developments.  It also seems there’ll be more angst in episode 9, judging from the ominous previews.  *sigh*


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