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Ok, I haven’t written about the previous episodes of Asuko March yet but…I love Asuko March!!   And episode 7 was a WIN, mainly because of the Tamaki-angst and the very last scene.  There was also actually some progress in the romance aspect of the drama.  It’ll become the stepping stone for more romance development.  WOO!!!   I felt like episode 7 was an improvement from the previous episodes, cinematography-wise.  There were a few more creative camera angles and some nice lighting throughout the episode.

If you’re a Tamaki fan, WATCH THIS EPISODE.  Aside from the whole make-Noguchi-join-the-good-side issue, there’s lots of Tamaki moments in the episode.  YES!  In case you haven’t noticed, I am on Team Tamaki all the way.  (except for Hirose, that’s a whole different story.)  The whole time, Tamaki is silently watching over Nao (not in a stalker way) and helping her out.  D’AWWWWWW.

The basic conflict in the episode was:

  • How to not screw up the class’ summer internship…failed.
  • How to cure the class’ internship…mission accomplished
  • How to get Noguchi (the grumpy internship supervisor) to teach the students…mission accomplished.
  • To confess or not to confess to Aruto…CONFESS, of course!

So, after the class screws up their internship, Nao tries to get the class to fix their broken machinery parts.  The class is reluctant to help out at first, so Nao tries to fix the broken parts herself.  Being her clumsy self, she drops a box of stuff (of course, near Aruto’s favorite tree) and goes to pick it up…then she sees someone helping her pick the stuff up (she hopes it’s Aruto)……and it’s TAMAKI!!!!  Points for Tamaki!!!!  OHOHOHO.  Not only that, Tamaki encourages Nao to confess to Aruto.  Oh my gosh.  Bless Tamaki’s dorky heart.  Then Aruto pops up unexpectedly, and Tamaki quickly goes, “WELL, GOTTA GO!” and tries to make a quick exit.  MORE POINTS FOR TAMAKI!!!!!!

So, Nao confesses to Aruto, but wait…Aruto is being controlled by Kyoko because he’s basically her paid-boyfriend.  So, Nao gets rejected.  on the way home, she cries in disappointment.  And…Tamaki is watching her cry from afar.  AWWW TAMAKI.

Fast-forward to the very final scene, where the class finally gets to do summery stuff for their vacation.  They go to the beach!!!  Except it’s completely spoiled by…KYOKO.  She’s definitely trying to win some points with the class or something because she brings along a huge lunch for the whole class.  The whole time she fawns over Aruto, her “boyfriend”.   [side note: Ok, just how old is Kyoko?  She’s definitely not a high-schooler, since she goes parading around in host-clubs.  So, she’s basically paying a high-schooler…to be her boyfriend.  Why doesn’t she at least aim for a host that’s her age?]  Of course, Nao gets all depressed/uncomfortable, and Tamaki silently takes note of that.

Awww.  I think Tamaki understands Nao best.  He’s always the one who looks out for Nao and notices when something is wrong.  And he tries to make her feel better.  Moreover, he encourages her to do her best even when that means telling her to go confess to a different guy.  D’awwwwwwwwwwwww.

Anyway, Nao goes off by herself (by this time the sun is setting) and Tamaki follows Nao.

“Yoshino, can I be in Aruto’s place?  I’ve always liked you.”

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.  Ok, confession + the beach + the sunset = SUCCESS, hopefully!  Tamaki’s confession was so simple and straightforward, yet also so earnest and CUTE.  GO TAMAKI!!!!!!!  GET THE GIRL!!!!  The camera then shows….Aruto!!!!  He’s listening in on their conversation!!  OHOHO, now things are getting complicated!!

*sigh* I really really hope Nao will accept Tamaki’s feelings.  But I feel like she’ll do the “sorry, let’s just be friends” move.  I mean, she clearly views Tamaki as just-a-friend, and she still likes Aruto, so I’ll doubt she’ll say yes.

Seriously, think of all the Tamaki moments!  TAMAKI all the way!

  • He got the class to teach her how to use the machinery.
  • He helped save her when those guys were beating up Hirose…and he gave her HIS JACKET.
  • He saved her from a falling storage case.
  • He didn’t tell anyone that Takeuchi designed the car…and he even tried to cover for her.
  • He helped her go find Takeuchi.
  • He realized she was in danger and ran out to go find her.
  • He encouraged her to confess…to Aruto!


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