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*On an indefinite hiatus*

-Watched episode 2 of Watashi wo Hanasanaide. I'm enjoying the drama so far, but I'm unsure as to how closely it follows the original novel. Looks like it'll transition to the main characters' adult years in the next episode.

-A couple new period Chinese dramas are being subbed on Viki:
1) Chronicle of Life starring Hawick Lau & Zheng Shuang. This drama has just started airing. I likely won't follow this drama but I will check it out for the costumes..
2) Go Princess Go: This is a comedy web drama that became a hit in China. So I think it has a high chance of becoming popular with international drama fans.

Also be on the look-out for Liu Shi Shi & Wallace Huo's upcoming c-drama this month, the Imperial Doctress!


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