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-5 of my posts have been PLAGIARIZED. Not cool.

-A lot is happening on the c-drama scene, with the anticipated dramas Ice Fantasy & Chang Ge Xing airing at the same time. Ice Fantasy is...as the title sounds..in the fantasy genre. It stars Feng Shao Feng, Ma Tian Yu, and Victoria Song. I'm not as into the fantasy genre so I'm not sure if I'll check this out...but I do like Ma Tian Yu ever since I saw him in Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei.

Chang Ge Xing is now going by the English title Singing All Along. It stars Ruby Lin & Yuan Hong; Ruby is the producer! The drama is based on the novel Xiu Li Jiang Shan and is not to be confused with the comic/manga called Chang Ge Xing.

-On an indefinite hiatus.

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